Troy Baker Describes Batman’s Idea of Teamwork


Troy Baker talks about how Batman approaches teamwork with the Justice League in LEGO DC Super Heroes — Justice League: Cosmic Clash.

Troy Baker is a man of many, many voices. Known mostly for his voicework in games such as Bioshock Infinite, The Last Of Us, and many more, Troy Baker has also played both villains and heroes in the Batman universe. He is the go to guy for Batman in the series of Lego DC animated features.

And in the latest Lego DC animated feature, LEGO DC Super Heroes — Justice League: Cosmic Clash, Batman is a reluctant team player as he helps the Justice League take down one of it’s greatest foes, Braniac.

Troy Baker talked to CBR about Batman’s idea of “teamwork”:

"[Batman’s approach is] “everyone has their task, just do your task and let me basically be the one who saves the day.” This is the cool thing about every one of these LEGO movies is it’s taking one particular thing that you find in the DC Universe, which, you know, Batman reluctantly joins the Justice League, he wants to be this lone warrior and everyone else is really on board with being a team. And each one of these things, it’s a really interesting way that we do this, they always find out that they’re better off as a team than they are apart. And Batman’s always the one that’s like, “I guess this time you’re right, but not next time. Okay, this time you were right as well, but not next– Okay, you’re proving your point.” Being able to show the camaraderie, I think that’s something that’s a lot of fun within this world. Especially with Flash, he’s just a punk."

Even though many different people have voiced Batman over they years, and Baker has voiced him several times himself, Troy Baker like many considers Kevin Conroy, who voiced Batman in the seminal Batman: The Animated Series to be the definitive voice of Batman.

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Troy Baker is someone holds some credibility there, as not only has he played Batman, but also the Joker in Arkham Origins, and his performance was one of the highlights of that game (Toy Baker also considers Mark Hamill the definitive voice of the Joker). I’m fairly sure he’s the only man who can lay claim to playing both the Dark Knight and his greatest foe.

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LEGO DC Super Heroes — Justice League: Cosmic Clash is due out in early 2016 and features the various members of the Justice League traveling into the future after Brainiac, where they also run into the Justice League of the future, the Legion of Superheroes. We’ll be sure to review  LEGO DC Super Heroes — Justice League: Cosmic Clash when it comes out next year, so stay tuned.