Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer References Batman & Superman


The trailer for the superhero team up show Legends of Tomorrow openly referenced DC’s biggest heroes, and that could be huge

The trailer for TV’s own Justice League, the Legends of Tomorrow, premiered today. It’s a spin-off of both hit DC shows Arrow and The Flash that combines various characters who have appeared on both shows (i.e. The Atom, Captain Cold, Hawkgirl, etc.) into one big team led by time traveler Rip Hunter to defeat the immortal Vandal Savage, who has conquered the entire world in the future.

Now if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, it looks pretty impressive, and makes a couple of surprising references. Check it out below:

“I’ve seen Men of Steel die and Dark Knights fall”, Granted, that could be just a throwaway line, but given that we’ve previously been told Flash & Arrow can’t even really mention Batman or Superman, this might be a sign things are finally changing.

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The forced and arbitrary divide between DC movies & TV has caused a lot of problems for Arrow specifically. Harley Quinn was meant to have a bigger role, but suddenly they couldn’t use her. There was plans for a Suicide Squad spin-off show, but thanks to the movie, that was shelved (even though there is a Flash show and an upcoming Flash movie and both star the Barry Allen Flash).

But there are signs this may finally be changing. The Flash has at least somewhat openly referenced Wayne Enterprises (that future newspaper that was constantly shown in the first season), and with this one line in the Legends of Tomorrow trailer, it could represent all new possibilities.

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Specifically because Legends of Tomorrow is about a time-hopping team of superheroes, there are tons of periods they could easily visit where they encounter a young or old Bruce Wayne/Batman or Clark Kent/Superman that wouldn’t violate anything going on in the bigger DC movie universe. If do see anything on that front, it probably won’t be for awhile regardless, but I’m holding onto the possibility for the moment until it’s dashed by some official statement or something…

h/t Comicbook.com