Review: Arkham Knight November DLC


Our review of the November Arkham Knight DLC, Catwoman’s Revenge and Flip Of A Coin

November’s Arkham Knight DLC has been released for season pass owners (out December 1st for everyone else) and along with some new skins, challenge packs, and AR missions, we received a double dose of story DLC. “Catwoman’s Revenge”, where Catwoman gets well, revenge on the Riddler while raiding his secret robot factory while he’s rotting in jail. And the second DLC is “Flip Of A Coin”, where Robin is trying to fill in for Batman, taking down Two-Face who has recently escaped from jail.

Unfortunately, part of the reason I’m combining the review for both of these Arkham Knight DLCs is because they aren’t really worthy of separate reviews. Each DLC is just a tiny chunk of content, both of which might take you two hours combined if you are having a really hard time with them.

The stronger of the two is definitely “Catwoman’s Revenge”. It mixes up the standard Arkham Knight gameplay a bit by forcing you to be stealthy at first and not getting caught (which normally I am not a fan of, but this is handled pretty well), then throwing in some light riddle solving and some complex fighting that adds in electrified tiles and lasers. This is helped tremendously by hilarious dialogue, not only from the thugs but especially between Catwoman and an ever more desperate Riddler as he’s trying to stop her from his jail cell and failing miserably. Two hours of this would’ve been great. We get maybe 40 minutes, just like the previous DLC for Arkham Knight. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at this point, but that doesn’t make it any less excusable.

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“Flip Of The Coin” could’ve been a really interesting story arc, as Robin is trying to fill in for Batman after the events of Arkham Knight. Barbara Gordon believes he can be better than Batman and more importantly, not go down the same dark roads Batman did. So there’s a lot of potential here. But it’s squandered. Robin is a after Two-Face, but Two-Face isn’t doing anything, he’s literally sitting in a warehouse filled with armed guards and sentry turrets. Not that you shouldn’t capture Two-Face, but the new protector of Gotham should be trying to stop someone from destroying the city or something if you want a “I can be as good as Batman moment”. But the missed opportunity for an interesting story wouldn’t be as glaring if this was even shorter than “Catwoman’s Revenge” and topped of by your usual battle with an incredibly cheap gang of thugs that would be cinch if you could merely target specific enemies with ease.

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Maybe this would’ve been better received had all of Arkham Knight’s story DLC been released at one time instead of this drip of content every month. We’ll just have to hope we’ll get something good out of next month’s “Season Of Infamy”, which to be fair is supposed to be a full expansion with Batman taking on several new villains in Most Wanted missions (well new in the sense you haven’t faced them in Arkham Knight before). But at this point Arkham Knight’s DLC, especially for season pass owners, can only be chalked up to a giant disappointment.