Arkham Knight LEGO Batmobile is Seriously Badass


Arkham Knight LEGO Batmobile is Seriously Badass

LEGO Ideas member Hasan Kabalak spent a lot of time and effort to make of the coolest builds we’ve ever seen.

His self designed Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile is a marvel of engineering and ingenuity on just about every level. The 20 inch, 4,640 piece set took nearly 3 months to put together on the computer and comes equipped with the ability to change modes.

It took him 2 months to gather the right pieces and 2 weeks to physically construct it. And it shows.

Capable of switching between ‘Pursuit Mode’ and ‘Battle Mode’, the wheels pivot in and out,  immobilizer missiles retract and pop up, and the 60mm cannon can be raised just like in the game.

On top of that, the designer has included all the add ons and upgrades that can be attained throughout the DLC releases. Including the claw, sonar and containment unit features.

Check out the rundown of the build Kabalak included in his proposal:

"1-Complete collapsible cockpit.2-cockpit interior details, the main screen and special steering wheel.3-360 degree swivel wheels.4-Front thrown claw5-Battle mode goes down, the upward Cannon 60mm Vulcan Gun.6-Folding Immobilizer Missiles.7-Front and Rear folding the arms.8-Folding Unit and the containment 2 in the passenger seat.9-Advanced Afterburner.10-Batmobile at the bottom Sonar upgrade.11-four tailpipes detail.12-Special Scarecrow is Minifig"

Pretty impressive, eh?

LEGO Ideas is a community-sourced feature sponsored by LEGO to see what the fresh eyes of fans can come up with. The projects with the most support are submitted for consideration to be mass produced.

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