Highlights Of Dr. Pepper Batman v Superman Prequel Comics


Get the lowdown on the key players in Batman v Superman before the movie is even out!

Last week, we talked about the kind of terrible Dr. Pepper Batman v Superman prequel comics. Not the comics themselves mind you, just the convoluted way to get them, buying tons of Dr. Pepper and scanning the barcodes into in app. But hey, this is the age of the internet, you don’t have to go out and buy all that soda, someone else will do it for you! With that in mind, we have gathered the pertinent info from the Batman v Superman comic book prequels for you thanks to I09, where you can read more detail and their take as well.

Firstly, we already know Batman has gotten more brutal since the events of Man of Steel, but it’s more than that. A pair of thugs talk about how he used to use much more finesse, and would often stop crimes without even being seen. I’d actually think the appearance of an alien that can level city blocks with his eyebeams would warrant being MORE stealthy, but hey I haven’t been fighting crime in Gotham for the better part of the last couple of decades, what do I know?

Also of note is that while there are some like Senator Finch who are trying to do a witch hunt against Superman, he mostly has the public’s support thanks to things like saving planes and buses and whatnot. Lex Luthor is also extremely interested in Superman, apparently monitoring his every move. Which leads to the question of how the hell does he not know that Superman is Clark Kent? He could probably just have a stealth drone track him to where he lives.

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But the truth of it is nothing of real significance is these comics that you won’t get from watching Batman v Superman just by the fact they know not everybody going to see the movie is reading these. Some if not all of this will be repeated in the movie, certainly anything actually pertinent. So read the comics if you want to get a little more of the feel of the world of Batman v Superman, but expect to see any really important stuff repeated in the film when it opens in theaters March 25th.