See All The Comic Book Movie Super Bowl Trailers In One Place


How about that Super Bowl 50, eh? Von Miller of the Denver Broncos sure played like he was a comic book character, while Cam Newton wasn’t Superman on this particular evening in Santa Clara. At least we got a bunch of new comic book movie trailers out of the deal.

What’s that? You say you missed some of them because you went to the bathroom, had to refill your adult beverage or get something for one of your kids? Hey, it happens. That’s why we gathered all of the comic book movie trailers that aired during the big game right here in one place for you. We’re nice like that.

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Also, we should note before we start that while Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did not get a new trailer, it did have a pair of cool promotional spots from an unusual marketing partner, Turkish Airlines. Click here if you’d like to see them.

On with the Super Bowl trailers!


Was Ryan Reynolds really handing out chimichangas outside Levi’s Stadium? I haven’t the slightest clue, though I sincerely hope he was. I do know he was all over the commercials during the game, including one where female characters imagined every male they encountered was him.

But I digress. In the “Superb Owl” TV spot for Deadpool, Reynolds’ Wade Wilson discusses how he wished he was a professional athlete so he could have children in cities all over the world. There’s also some cool action sequences we haven’t seen before, followed by Deadpool confidently saying, “See you this Friday America.” The hell with that. How about Thursday night?

Captain America: Civil War

Not sure I’ve ever seen a superhero movie trailer that actually made it seem like it was part of a sporting event in ways that didn’t seem right like this one, with the “United we stand” and “Divided we fall” chants going on. Would people really chant those thing?

I’m just being snarky here. This spot managed to cram both scenes we’ve seen before and cool stuff like Tony Stark doing the most awesome partial armoring up ever, Bucky Barnes still almost managing to shoot him in the face, and an awesome staredown between both factions that finally included heroes like Ant-Man (on Team Captain America) and Vision (on Team Iron Man). Choose your team indeed.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Um, things look really, really bad for the world here, though I suppose that’s to be expected from any movie with a villain whose name means the end of the planet. Missile launches, massive destruction of buildings, people trying in vain to punch Apocalypse in the face, etc. Also Psylocke slicing her way through a car in mid-air. Did you know that her psychic knife is the focused totality of her telepathic powers? Pretty sure I read that somewhere a time or two.

Fortunately, J. Law is ready to rally the troops with an inspiring, “Let’s go to war.” Her attack on Apocalypse doesn’t look like it goes very well either, but ‘A’ for effort there Mystique.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Don’t hate. This is very much a comic book movie too, so we’re including it here. For some reason, Paramount didn’t post the spot to its official YouTube account right away, so we grabbed it from the studio’s Australian account.

Hopefully the Aussies are as ready as we are for a trip down memory lane. Like the other comic book movies on Sunday, this trailer had some scenes we’d seen before, but the new stuff was incredible for people of a certain age, including the Technodrome and Krang. Damn it., Michael Bay. I don’t want to go see this in theaters but you’re leaving me no choice.

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All told, no big surprises, and the one “maybe” on our list, Civil War, came through. With no shortage of comic book movies on the release schedule for the next three years, expect the NFL’s climactic contest to be must see viewing through at least 2020.