Two New Gotham Promo Videos Released


Watch the two new promo videos for Gotham: Wrath of the Villains!

Two new promotional videos for the second half of season two of Gotham have been released.  When Gotham’s mid-season finale aired, we saw the defeat of Theo Galavan and the introduction of Mr. Freeze.  Dubbed “Wrath of the Villains”, the second half of the season will feature storylines involving both the villains Mr. Freeze and Hugo Strange, who are each highlighted in these videos.

The first of the promos was uploaded to Gotham’s official YouTube page on Thursday.  Each snippet included in it goes by pretty quick, but there were a few things that jumped out at me.  Penguin is seen in a straight jacket twice; the first time being strapped into a chair and the second time wielding a knife.  In the first installment of Gotham Stories, he was trying to rebuild his empire, but faced roadblocks from one of his followers and from Mr. Freeze.  Granted, him being in a straight jacket could come at any point from the mid-season return to the end of season two, but I’m eager to see how he gets from point A to point B.  In addition, we see Mr. Freeze freezing a cop, along with shots of Bruce Wayne, Tabitha Galavan, and Jim Gordon.  Watch the video below:

The second of the promos is a bit longer.  Jim seems to be investigating frozen victims, and the ice that one of them is enclosed in has “Free My Wife” engraved in it.  We’ve heard that Mr. Freeze’s origin on Gotham will be heavily influenced by the re-vamped story he got on Batman: The Animated Series, and I am excited to see how they handle that.  We also see Tabitha is kissing Butch Gilzean.  I had kind of figured that Butch would be involved in Fish Mooney’s return, but I wonder what Tabitha is up to now that her brother was killed and the Order’s plans were nixed.  In additon, the first footage of Hugo Strange is featured, and after being teased for so long now, Indian Hill should finally be in full throttle.

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Probably the two most intriguing things for me, however, were Edward Nygma holding a newspaper clipping with a green question mark over Jim’s face, and Bruce practicing boxing.  While Nygma started his transition into the Riddler during the first half of the season, he still hasn’t had any interaction with the GCPD while acting on the wrong side of the law.  When that finally happens, we’re in for a show!  As for Bruce, the boxing practice could be a glimpse of more of his progression towards Batman that Camren Bicondova hinted at on Friday.  Watch this second promo from Andrew White’s YouTube channel below:

Gotham returns to Fox on February 29.  In the meantime, keep up with what’s happening during the mid-season break by watching Gotham Stories each Monday.  Let me know in the comments what you think of the two promo videos and what you’re most excited to see during “Wrath of the Villains”.  Be sure to keep it locked to Caped Crusades for continuing coverage of Gotham and for all your Batman news!