See Classic Dark Knight In Final Batman V Superman Trailer


If you wanted to see Batman doing what he does best, the final Batman v Superman trailer is for you.

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Released online today prior to its attachment to its theatrical debut in front of Deadpool, this trailer begins with some iconic imagery as Batman leaps through the window of a building, cape out, and proceeds to dismantle a group of armed criminals. His fighting style is brutal, swift and effective, exactly the way the Dark Knight should be (and it’s easier to tell what’s going on than in some Batman movie fight scenes of the past).

We also see scenes with Bruce Wayne and Alfred discussing the fact that he’s become a step slower, Bruce explaining exactly why he perceives Superman as a problem that needs to be solved and a slightly different view of the previously revealed showdown between the Batmobile and the Man of Steel. Spoiler: the car doesn’t win.

The quick montage that follows is a mix of old and new images, but what really grabs your attention is a conversation between Bruce and Wonder Woman, with the latter in civilian clothes and assuring Bruce that, “I don’t think you’ve ever known a woman like me.”

The look of surprise on Superman’s face when an armored up Batman is able to stop him in mid-swing is also excellent, making one wonder if Superman has been weakened somehow before this fight. Lex Luthor might have something to do with that if he is.

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All told, this shouldn’t do anything but heighten the anticipation for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is now just six weeks away from its March 25 release.