Agent Carter Season 2, Episode 8 Recap And Review: The Edge Of Mystery


It’s the second week in a row of Marvel’s Agent Carter double headers! As awesome as it is, it also means the end of season two is nearing. But let’s see how our favorite SSR agent fared in tonight’s first episode.

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Not-So-Short Summary: We start a year ago with Jarvis helping Peggy long-distance with Ana overhearing and thinking it’s a man on the other end. She rolls her eyes when Jarvis says it’s a woman on the other end and she’s different than all of Howard Stark’s other women.

We come to the present when Jarvis is trying to find Benny Goodman on the radio in Ana’s hospital room, hoping that wakes her up. She’s out of surgery, but who knows if/when she’ll wake up. Peggy heads home to get Jarvis a change of clothes and a new radio, only to find Sousa in the driveway examining the blood stains from Ana’s shooting.

They decide to go pay a visit to Joseph Manfredi, knowing that Whitney Frost is after the uranium rods they stole episodes before. We get a great scene of Manfredi making pasta sauce and arguing with an old Italian lady while Peggy and Sousa kick some butt out front. They want to send Whitney Frost a message: the uranium rods in exchange for Jason Wilkes, unharmed.

Whitney Frost has Jason Wilkes handcuffed in her boiler room (more or less). She’s studying him like a science experiment and wants to compare notes. The most important thing that comes of this discussion is that they both hear a mysterious voice from their thoughts but not from their thoughts.

Sousa and Carter bring Dr. Samberly into the equation, making fake uranium rods and building some sort of gamma radiation cannon that could potentially eliminate zero matter (courtesy of Howard Stark). Jarvis joins Sousa and Carter as their driver, and as they’re taking off, Thompson shows up.

He was off drinking in London, trying to find dirt on Peggy Carter. He was given a very redacted file that he shoves in her face. She scoffs at it and pretty much tells Thompson that he should be above cutting corners to get ahead and stop being such a jerk. Microphone (or files) dropped.

The exchange with Whitney Frost goes off without a hitch…until the uranium rods are dropped and discovered as fakes. Our heroic trio get away in the van with Wilkes, only to have Wilkes betray them and find out where the actual uranium rods are:

In the wall safe at the SSR.

It’s convenient that Thompson is there when Vernon Masters gets a call from Whitney Frost. At least Agent Carter put a seed of doubt in his head and he listened in on the conversation and even tried to stop Masters from taking the rods. But it’s too little, too late, because when Sousa and Carter arrive, Thompson already has a case of amnesia from Masters.

He pleads his case to tag along with Carter, Sousa, Jarvis, and Samberly to find Whitney Frost out in the desert where the first discovery of zero matter happened.

They’re too late. The explosion takes place, the zero matter appears, and whitney Frost and Wilkes drive right to it. Unfortunately, it chooses Wilkes over Frost and sucks him into its dark graces.

As the SSR sets up the gamma cannon, Jarvis takes off to kill Whitney Frost with Peggy in hot pursuit. Sousa fires the cannon. The cannon fires. It works! The void spots Wilkes back out, who seems to hold even more zero matter.

Jarvis charges onto the scene and shoots Whitney Frost point-blank, but it does nothing. It barely even knocks her out. Before Manfredi’s men kill both Agent Carter and Jarvis, Whitney Frost spares them and knocks them out, believing them to be more valuable to her alive.

Badass Moment of the Week: That fight scene at Manfredi’s was pretty kickass, even though we only saw it in the background and through a window.

Best One-Liner: You know, I’ve been waiting since the first season for a Three Stooges reference, and then I didn’t even write Thompson’s down.

I haven’t mentioned the scenes of Jarvis in the hospital with Ana because they’re heartbreakingly touching, raw, and so real. I may have cried and fallen in love with Jarvis even more.

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