Agent Carter Season 2, Episode 9 Recap And Review: A Little Song And Dance


It’s the second week in a row of Marvel’s Agent Carter double headers! If you missed the first episode’s recap, it’s over here. Onto the later-night episode!

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Not-So-Short Summary: We open in a film noir! “Who turned out the color?” Peggy asks before stumbling onto her brother in Sousa’s office (side note: her brother is still awesome). It’s a dream sequence! Straight out of a Forties musical, completely ridiculous, set up like a stage performance, it’s everything it should be. Plus the return of Angie from last season!

Oh my goodness, and Daniel Sousa gets to sing (or at least lipsync), and Jarvis is in a top hat before Rose cold clocks Peggy to wake her up. She’s in the back of the truck with Jarvis and will hear none of his excuses for trying to kill Whitney Frost.

They escape, and Jarvis lets out all of his feelings before following Agent Carter’s grand plan, which is walking. But he’s not done. He’s throws out a regrettable comment about Peggy getting people killed in her wake, only to have Peggy comment in a calm demeanor that he sees her missions as larks, something fun to do in the evening. She throws out a regrettable comment about him never knowing loss, only to have him finally admit the harsh truth that came from Ana’s shooting: she can’t have children.

There’s not much time to dwell on any of this, because Whitney Frost found out they escaped. Frost sends back two thugs who get roped into Agent Carter’s setup to steal the truck back from them.

Meanwhile back in the desert, Sousa, Thompson, and Samberly are stranded until Vernon Masters’ men show up to kill them all. Thompson hatches a harebrained scheme to get them all in the car and for Masters’ men to trust him, and it works (or he’s a really good double-agent, that remains to be seen).

They get back in town and Thompson schmoozes up Vernon Masters to convince him that Sousa (and Samberly) will fall in line with his plan to take down Whitney Frost.

Doesn’t matter–Agent Carter waltzes straight into Masters’ office and punches the crap out of him, and I rejoice. She wants to know where Sousa and Thompson are before they jump in and pull her off of him. They all fall in line together, because they have a common enemy: Whitney Frost. Someone has to go tell her that the cannon isn’t ready yet, and Thompson offers.

Speak of the devil, Whitney Frost is attempting to extract the zero matter from Wilkes’ body, but so far nothing is coming out. She meets with Thompson, who tells her that Masters plans on using the cannon against her when he delivers it. He offers a better alternative that she accepts: he delivers the cannon and Masters to Whitney Frost in exchange for a seat on the Council.

Jack Thompson is a tricky fellow.

More importantly, he talked Samberly into making the cannon into a bomb to just kill everyone, Wilkes included. And Masters has already betrayed them by cutting the fuel line of Sousa’s car so he and Carter can’t follow. Agent Carter is not a fan of Thompson’s plan and gets Samberly to build a device that will nullify the detonation.

Agent Carter sneaks away from Sousa and Samberly to find Wilkes and rescue him, but he fights her. He knows he’s a danger, and in this abandoned warehouse, at least he will hurt the minimum amount of people. He runs off, locking Peggy’s way, and the zero matter starts to scar his skin.

Masters’ setup gets under way and Thompson allows her to do the honors (mostly to get clear of the blast), and his detonator doesn’t work (a la George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven). He finds Samberly’s device and threatens him with a gun to turn it off. Samberly obeys, but then it’s Peggy’s turn to do the threatening. She’s looks dead serious.

Inside, Whitney Frost is destroying Masters, only for him to see the cannon seems to be operational again. There’s no time to do much of anything, because Wilkes stumbles in and explodes.

Badass Moment of the Week: There isn’t a clear-cut winner in this episode, so how about all of the betrayals and double-crosses that I still don’t have straight?

Best One-Liner: “Buuuut that’s okay, right? He’s evil now…” Samberly points out regarding Wilkes being a potential casualty.

I will say that Samberly in both of these episodes was much less grating/annoying than in his first appearance, though his flirting with Rose feels stilted and awkward (I mean, I know it’s supposed to, but it doesn’t play well). However, the fact that he’s constantly annoyed at everyone and no one cares worked great.

“I didn’t think you had it in you” should be Vernon Masters’ catchphrase.

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Next week is the season finale, and it looks to be even crazier than everything else that’s happened this season. It may be the last new Agent Carter we get. Let’s look forward to it, shall we?