Batman V Superman Ultimate Ticket Coming From Regal Cinemas


If you were planning on seeing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice more than once when it flies into theaters next month, we’ve got a suggestion for you: A special collectible that also allows you to see the movie as many times as you want in any format you choose.

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It’s called the Batman v Superman Ultimate Ticket, and as revealed today exclusively by, it’s the brainchild of Regal Cinemas. For $100, fans will get a collectible card made of anodized steel and with their name engraved into it. That card will then serve as a ticket to see the movie once per day for the entire run of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at any Regal theater anywhere.

To enhance its collectibility — and, we’d imagine, to prevent tons of Ultimate Tickets from cutting into regular ticket sales — Regal is only producing 1,000 Ultimate Tickets. That’s important, because from a pure value standpoint, you’d need to use the card at least five or six times, depending on format and pricing in your neck of the woods, and possibly even more than that to be worth $100.

Still, we’d imagine that quite a few people (including, perhaps, our resident Super-fan Steve Lam) might be intrigued enough by this idea to check it out. You can check out and order the card online; the article makes it sound like the Ultimate Ticket doesn’t go on sale until Monday, February 29, but you can at least get to the shopping cart stage right now.

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And if you do end up buying one and going to see Batman v Superman eight or nine times beginning on March 25, be sure to tell us if the Ultimate Ticket was worth it.