This Week’s Supergirl Had A Great DC Comics Easter Egg


Note: This article contains mild spoilers for this week’s new episode of Supergirl, “Solitude.” Be forewarned if you read on!

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Supergirl has more than its fair share of references and Easter eggs for DC Comics readers, but the ones we got in “Solitude” were some of the best yet. Not only did we get to see the inside of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude (with Clark Kent not around, of course), but Kara went up against a villain with a direct connection to one of the Man of Steel’s greatest foes.

Despite all that, it was something we saw inside the Fortress of Solitude that provided the biggest thrill of the night — one that suggests we may have been looking on the wrong show for a sign of one of DC’s iconic super-teams.

It came when Kara and James Olsen were walking through the Fortress together. Before talking to its caretaker, the robot Kelex, they passed a gold ring — and the camera panned down to show that it bore an unmistakable ‘L’ symbol.

That was a Legion Flight Ring, historically worn in the comics by members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the futuristic team of teen heroes from many different planets. Made of a substance similar to Hawkman’s Nth Metal, the rings allowed all Legionnaires to fly, as well as sending out distress calls if necessary to the team’s headquarters.

Not only does that imply that the Legion of Super-Heroes exists in the Supergirl continuity and that Superman has already met the team — perhaps when he was still Superboy, which would be the ultimate Silver Age callback — it’s also the pay-off to a comment made by Geoff Johns that we would see “a hint of the Legion” on one of the DC TV shows.

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Consider the hint taken. That doesn’t mean we’ll actually see the Legion show up on the tube, but at least we know they’re out there protecting the future of the Supergirl Earth, and that’s a fun idea indeed.