Marvel Avengers Academy: Gamma Attack Event Underway


Things had been pretty peaceful on campus in TinyCo’s Marvel Avengers Academy, provided your definition of that word includes fending off attempts by both Hydra and AIM to ruin the school and take over the world. Unfortunately, there’s no time for the teen heroes to hit the books right now, as the Gamma Attack! event is now underway, bringing one of the Hulk’s arch-enemies to menace the school with some very powerful wingmen.

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The Leader, always the gamma-powered brain to Hulk’s brawn, has parked his floating weapons platform above Avengers Academy, and Iron Man and Black Widow have discovered that he has a weapon that could turn the students into monsters or simply melt them away. He also has A-Bomb and Red Hulk under his sway, probably via mind control.

One opponent with the strength of the Hulk is bad enough, but two is a very tall order. To stop the Leader, you’ll have to conquer both halves of the Gamma Attack! event. The first part requires you to train three specific heroes –Iron Man, Wasp and Loki — by tapping on the A-Bomb icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen and assigning them to tasks that will earn an event currency called Gamma Blockers. Those can then be used to earn Blue Gamma Blockers by battling A-Bomb, which can be used this week only to earn four rewards — including A-Bomb himself.

You’ll also find a new story-driven quest line that is appropriately colored green. And if you want even more Blue Gamma Blockers, there are special limited time buildings called the Gamma Labs that have new actions for Spider-Woman and Vision (and Baron Zemo if you unlocked him during the previous event) to help produce a certain amount each day. They can only be purchased with Infinity Gem Shards; the Blue Gamma Station costs 150 Shards and yields 3 Blue Gamma Blockers per day, while the Blue Gamma Laboratory costs 400 Shards and gives you 12 Blue Gamma Blockers daily.

We presume something similar will be required during the second week of the Gamma Attack! event except that Red Hulk will be your foe and your eventual recruitment target. One thing’s for sure: If you get them both, there won’t be any lack of Hulk-like folks on campus!

Marvel Avengers Academy is a free download that you can grab now from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. You might want to hurry too, since part 1 of Gamme Attack! ends on Friday, March 11 at 7 pm Eastern and A-Bomb and Red Hulk don’t really seem like patient types.