Preview: Robyn Hood: I Love NY #9 From Zenescope


Zenescope has provided Bam Smack Pow with a preview of the latest issue of their Robyn Hood: I Love NY maxiseries.

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Last year, Zenescope Entertainment made the decision to reboot their Grimm Universe line and instead of ongoing titles focus on miniseries instead. The result was the ending of several long running titles including Grimm Fairy Tales and Wonderland.

In addition, Zenescope brought the curtain down on their Robyn Hood ongoing series, which was a real shame. The title told the story of Robyn Locksley and took the legend of Robin Hood and turned it on it’s head. The title was consistently entertaining and was the closest thing to a straight up superhero comic that Zenescope published.

Thankfully Robyn Hood wasn’t gone for too long. It was quickly announced that the character would return in Robyn Hood: I Love NY, a 12-issue maxiseries that sees the action move to New York City. It would serve as the next chapter in Robyn’s story and move the Grimm Universe into new and uncharted directions.

This month the story continues in Robyn Hood: I Love NY #9, written by Lou Iovino with artwork by Sergio Arino, Renan Shody and Riveiro. It features a guest appearance by fellow Realm Knight Masumi and the introduction of a new enemy that will challenge Robyn like never before.

From the Zenescope solicitation:

"Masumi, Earth’s most formidable Realm Knight, travels to New York in search of a Supraneutralizing Astral Reaper. These “Snares” hunt the most powerful Highborns for sport, and Masumi believes Robyn is the next target. Together, Masumi and Robyn defeat the Snare. But in doing so, they discover that Robyn wasn’t his true target. There is a more powerful Highborn archer in NYC – one that remains hidden in the shadows, plotting her revenge for Robyn’s sins of the past."

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Robyn Hood: I Love NY #9 (of 12) goes on sale February 22, 2017 and features covers by Riveiro and Marc Rosete as well as variant covers by Allan Otero, Jose Luis, Mike Krome, Jamie Tyndall and more.