Spider-Man Gets Second Ongoing Series This June


It was announced on Tuesday that an all-new Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man will launch this coming June.

It used to be that Peter Parker and his alter ego Spider-Man was featured in almost as many ongoing titles as Batman and Superman combined.

Amazing Spider-Man. Spectacular Spider-Man. Web of Spider-Man. Peter Parker Spider-Man. There used to be a new Spider-Man comic on the shelves every week of the year, sometimes even more.

Then “Brand New Day” happened, which saw Amazing Spider-Man ship three times a month and the rest of the Peter Parker titles get cancelled. In the years since Marvel has attempted to fill the void with ongoings starring various supporting characters, including Venom, Silk and Spider-Gwen. But it just never felt the same.

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Apparently someone at Marvel agrees. Announced Tuesday by Entertainment Weekly, the character is getting a second ongoing title in the form of Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Written by Chip Zdarsky with artwork by Adam Kubert, the title will take a “back to basics” approach to the character. And if you’re thinking that sounds an awful lot like what DC did with their Rebirth initiative, you would be right. It’s been rumored for months that Marvel is planning to return their universe and iconic characters to their roots. Classic versions of their heroes and some A-list creators that haven’t worked for Marvel in years are all planned.

It would seem Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man in the first step in that direction.

EW asked Zdarsky what readers can expect from the new series, and for his part he sounds pretty excited about what’s to come.

"The main book, Amazing Spider-Man, has kept things fresh by stretching the character and his situation. It’s still classic Spider-Man at its core, but transposed into new settings. With this book, we’re using the same Spider-Man in-continuity but shifting the spotlight back to his NYC environment and supporting cast. But even though we’re pushing to make it a more personal book, we’re still going to have big adventures with ramifications that’ll be felt in his other books. If I had, like, a true mission statement for the title though, it would be: “Have fun, have heart, have stakes.”"

I used to be a huge fan of the various Spider-Man titles. It really felt like something was missing when Marvel went with the three times a month schedule instead of three separate ongoings. So for me, this news puts a huge smile on my face. Not to mention the fact that if you aren’t a big fan of what writer Dan Slott has been doing in Amazing, you now have another option to get a monthly does of Spider-Man.

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Fans will get their first look at what Zdarsky and Kubert have planned on Free Comic Book Day with the regular series making its debut in June.

And something tells me that if the new book is a hit, a revived Web of Spider-Man may not be far behind.