Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #25 From Marvel


In a preview of the giant-sized Amazing Spider-Man #25, readers get their first look at the next major storyline “The Osborn Identity”.

You would think that after finishing up the recent Spider-Man event The Clone Conspiracy, writer Dan Slott would want to take a deep breath and relax for a bit. A lot happened in the storyline, not the least of which was the return of Ben Reilly and the seeding of multiple plot lines that could take years to come to fruition.

It’s been a very bust few months for your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler.

But no, taking a breather doesn’t seem to be part of the plan for the Amazing Spider-Man.

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Launching in the giant-sized (and I do mean giant-sized) Amazing Spider-Man #25 is the next chapter of the Spider-Man saga, “The Osborn Identity”. The 40-page story will see the return of Norman Osborn, the original Green Goblin, to Peter Parker’s world and that is never, ever a good thing.

“The Osborn Identity” also sees the debut of Stuart Immonen as the new regular artist on Amazing Spider-Man working with Slott to take the title to the next level of greatness.

In addition to the start of “The Osborn Identity”, the 96-page Amazing Spider-Man #25 also includes backup stories by Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli, Hannah Blumenreich, Cale Atkinson, Christos Gage and Todd Nauck, Jacob Chabot and Ray Anthony and James Asmus and Tana Ford.

From the Marvel solicitation:

"Strap in, hold on and get ready, True Believers – because your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is rocketing out of The Clone Conspiracy and into a brand-new story arc! Today – Marvel is pleased to present your latest look inside the mammoth 96-page AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #25! Chart topping writer Dan Slott kicks off the next thrilling story– “The Osborn Identity” – and he’s bringing superstar artist Stuart Immonen along for the ride! Norman Osborn is back and he’s deadlier than ever! But with the might of his multinational corporation at his back, Peter Parker is ready to take the fight to his old foe. Will it be enough to stop the former Green Goblin? Or has the power Norman has amassed in secret be enough to destroy the wallcrawler once and for all?"

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Amazing Spider-Man #25, a 96-page anniversary issue, goes on sale March 8, 2017 and features a cover by Alex Ross. The issue will also include variant covers by Immonen, John Tyler Christopher, Dave Johnson, Ron Lim and a remastered variant by Gil Kane and John Romita Sr.