Marvel Reveals Todd Nauck “Where’s Hydra” Secret Empire Variant


Marvel has revealed the Todd Nauck variant cover that will be available at comic book stores the night Secret Empire #1 goes on sale.

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Over the last few years, Marvel has made it customary that when they have one of their super-mega crossover events, they allow comic book stores to put the first issue on sale at midnight. Calling them launch parties, they give comic shops a pile of stuff to give away and exclusive variants the stores can then mark up and sell for ridiculous amounts of money.

While popular originally, as Marvel’s super-mega crossover events have become more and more unreadable, the launch parties have become something only for the most hardcore of Marvel fans.

That said, I may make an exception to get the latest launch party variant.

Revealed via Comic, Marvel released the details of their upcoming Secret Empire launch parties as well as the variant of the first issue for the event.

Done by Todd Nauck, the variant is a play on the “Where’s Waldo?” idea with the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe playing “Where’s Hydra?” instead.

And boy, the cover is just amazing to behold.

I have long said that Nauck is easily one of the most underrated artists currently working. His style is a bit cartoony but his storytelling skill is second to none and his work stands apart from most of the usual stuff on the stands.

I think this cover proves my point exceptionally well.

(On a related topic, DC is finally collecting in trade Nauck and Peter David’s run on the incredibly entertaining Young Justice. Back issues have been impossible to find for years and if you miss this second chance to read what was one of the funniest comics ever created, you are an idiot.)

The amount of detail in this cover would put George Perez to shame. It includes almost every hero and villain in the Marvel Universe and is one of the best variants I’ve ever seen from Marvel to date.

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Like I said, I could almost be convinced to head to my local comic shop to buy a copy.

Secret Empire #1 goes on sale this May and will be written by Nick Spencer with art by Steve McNiven.