DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 12 Recap: “Camelot/3000”


This week on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the team travels to 507 AD to keep the Legion of Doom from acquiring a crucial piece of the Spear of Destiny.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow goes Medieval! This tightly scripted episode had it’s flaws, but was action-packed and kept the main narrative moving. It also had the usual comedic chemistry between the Legends.

Legendary Recap

In 3000 AD Detroit, Rip meets Dr. Midnite and promptly kills him to acquire a fragment of the Spear of Destiny. On the Waverider, Gideon’s algorithm also locates the Spear’s fragment in 3000 AD Detroit. When the team arrives, they find Dr. Midnite’s body, bloodied from Rip cutting the fragment out of him.

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Gideon quickly identifies the location of another fragment. This time, it’s in 507 AD Britannia. Mick soon discovers that Martin stole Midnite’s prototype device for mind-control, something that will come into play later.

The Legends arrive in Medieval England where they’re promptly ambushed by the Knights of the Round Table led by Guinevere. The team is soon taken to Camelot where they meet King Arthur and Merlin—who turns out to be Stargirl.

Stargirl is in this era to protect a fragment of the Spear. The JLA’s final mission involved Rip, who broke the Spear into pieces and had each team member protect it in a different time period. Stargirl fashioned her piece of the fragment into the basis of King Arthur’s court and his Knights of the Round Table.

During a banquet, Damien and Rip burst in with King Arthur under the influence of the mind control device. A brief fight ensues, with Damien and his mind-controlled army gaining the upper hand. Damien wants the Spear fragment by dawn or he’ll attack Camelot.

Guinevere is now tasked with leading the battle. Amaya asks Stargirl to take the Spear fragment out of Camelot, but she refuses.

Martin continues to examine the mind-control device he “borrowed” and learns that a stronger mind may be able to override Damien’s control. Martin tests his theory on Mick, but it comically fails.

Guinevere prepares her people for battle, and Ray is fired up to go to war—living out a childhood fantasy of being a knight. A worried Nate quickly takes a gander at his history book and sees an illustration of Ray as a dead knight.

Amaya finally finds the location of the Spear fragment—located inside Excalibur which is still embedded in the legendary stone. Amaya summons all her animal powers and pulls Excalibur from its resting place, retrieving the Spear’s tip. Stargirl quickly intercepts her, not allowing Amaya to leave.

After Amaya and Stargirl argue about the ethics of their choices, Stargirl reveals that she’s in love with King Arthur. Stargirl passes the mantle of protecting the Spear to Amaya. Meanwhile, Nate continues his futile attempts to dissuade Ray from going into battle.

As the team reconvenes on the Waverider, Sara makes the call to leave without Ray. Mick is the first to refuse. The rest of the team quickly follow his lead. Sara, convinced that the team is more important than protocol, devises a plan to rescue Ray.

Jax theorizes that the mind-control device may be driven by intensity versus intelligence. His theory is proved correct when Mick is able to easily influence Martin.

As Camelot and the Legion go into battle, the Legends arrive to even the odds. Back on the Waverider, Mick overrides Rip’s mental control over King Arthur and the knights. The battle stops and King Arthur strikes down Rip, leaving him critically injured. Damien soon rides off, but Ray pursues him. Sara arrives and takes Rip prisoner.

In the woods, Ray finds Damien and faces off with him. Ray overpowers Damien. The win is only temporary, as Damien quickly shoots Ray with his blaster and escapes. Nate arrives and expects the worst, but is relieved to find that Ray wore his ATOM suit underneath his armor.

As the Legends say their goodbyes, Guinevere makes a note the she enjoyed meeting “Sara Lance a lot”—a phonetic reference to Sir. Lancelot (the incorruptible knight who, in the legend, fell in love with Guinevere). Sara finally kisses Guinevere after a comment from Ray.

On the Waverider, Jax visits Rip and cautions him about hurting the team. When Jax leaves, Rip calls out to Gideon—who is still receptive to his commands.

Legendary Moment(s)

  • As the Legends go through the woods, Amaya asks Nate “why he chose to dress as a leper.” Nate notes that his clothing is historically accurate and the rest of them look like they’re going to a Renaissance fair. When the knights meet them, Guinevere assumes Nate to be a leper.
  • Ray nerding out and creating not-a-lightsaber because the name is trademarked. Another reference to George Lucas, who was the focus of “Raiders of the Lost Art.”

Thoughts for Tomorrow

A fun episode that had almost no fluff. And when I say “no fluff,” I’m talking about strange romantic subplots that slow the overall narrative. I’m glad to see that Rip is now in the Legends’ custody, but the final scene definitely foreshadows the Time Master causing some trouble on the Waverider. Hopefully, the next episode will conclude evil Rip’s run.

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