Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood Relaunches (Yet Again) In May


For what seems like the millionth time, Rob Liefeld and Image Comics are bringing back Youngblood in a brand new series.

Ah, Youngblood.

There are few properties in the world of comics that can bring out the ire or love of fanboys like Rob Liefeld’s iconic series. Noteworthy for being the very first Image comic book ever published 25 years ago, it is a series and concept that fans either love or hate.

Much the same can be said about Liefeld himself.

Youngblood has been revived and relaunched over the years almost as many times as Captain America. But unlike Captain America, it seemed that only an issue or two would come out before the series would disappear from comic store shelves.

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An ongoing Youngblood series by Alan Moore lasted three issues. Youngblood: Genesis by Kurt Busiek lasted two issues. Youngblood: Bloodsport by Mark Millar and Youngblood: Imperial by Robert Kirkman saw only a single issue published each. Another attempt at an ongoing by Joe Casey and Derec Donovan lasted nine issues before vanishing without a trace.

The last time the series was published was in 2013 when seven issues saw print as Youngblood #71-78. Since then, Liefeld has said many times the series would return, but never did.

Now it looks like Liefeld is ready to give it another try.

Image officially announced on Wednesday that a new Youngblood series will debut in May. Written by Chad Bowers with art from newcomer Jim Towe, the new ongoing title will reimagine the concept from the ground up.

For his part, Liefeld gave his usual response when asked about the new creative team.

"“Youngblood has had outstanding talent contribute to its amazing history,” said Liefeld. “Alan Moore, Robert Kirkman, Keith Giffen and Mark Millar are a few who have left their mark. Chad Bowers and Jim Towe are four issues into their run and are producing stories that will be held as some of, if not the best Youngblood tales ever told. It honors the best of the past and forges exciting new paths for these characters!”"

Which is pretty much the same thing he said the last five times Youngblood relaunched.

Will it work this time? It’s entirely possible. If Liefeld leaves Bowers and Towe alone, they could create something new and entertaining that might get readers as excited as the original series did all those years ago.

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However, if Liefeld insists on getting involved and messing with the new creative team, the Youngblood revival will be over before it really starts. And then we can add it to the long, long list of aborted or unfinished Youngblood projects.

Youngblood #1 goes on sale May 3, 2017 with variant covers by Liefeld, David Finch, and Chris Daughtry.