Logan: The Five Best Comic Book Stories Starring Wolverine

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Old Man Logan

Wolverine #66–72, Wolverine Giant-Sized Old Man Logan (2008-2009)
By Mark Millar and Steve McNiven

Old Man Logan was the second time Mark Millar had written a Wolverine arc and considering both are on this list, he must have done something right.

The story tells the tale of the future featuring an older Logan, broken and haunted by brutal acts he had committed in the past. As he tries to atone for what he had done, it takes him on a quest across an America never seen in comics before.

Much like most of Millar’s work, it is over the top, excessive to the extreme and a must read. Old Man Logan not only took the whole “grim and gritty” genre and expanded it to an absurd level, but it showed readers a Wolverine they had never seen before. This was Logan unleashed, apologetically savage and done holding back.

Millar and McNiven had worked together before on Marvel’s Civil War and the result was one of the best-selling events in comic book history. The two reunited for Old Man Logan and the same incredible chemistry was clearly evident on the page. McNiven is an amazing talent and when he works with Millar the result is usually pretty magical.

Old Man Logan was no exception.