Unboxing: Jada Toys Metals Die Cast “Batmobile & Batman” Collectibles

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Metals Die Cast: “1989 Batmobile & Batman”

The famous words of Jack Nicholson’s Joker in 1989’s Batman questioned where our hero got his gadgets. And the most impressive of his arsenal of weapons has been fully realized.

The 1989 Batmobile contains one surprise after another. Seriously, pictures can’t even do it justice, but we’ll just have to make due here. Sliding canopy, the famous hideaway machine guns (yes, Batman started breaking his no-guns rule in this film), and exposed jet engine (the vehicle’s main thrust) are all interactive elements.

As I said, this collectible is one surprise after another. The meticulous details and amount of moveable components are simply amazing.

The cockpit of this Batmobile is also fully realized and has all the various controls seen in the 1989 Tim Burton / Michael Keaton blockbuster.

Let’s not forget the man behind the controls. Michael Keaton’s Batman is accurately reproduced here as a mini-figure. Trust me, this figure is very close to what was seen in the film. How do I know that? Examine, if you will, the points in the figure’s insignia. The 1989 film had two extra points on the tail of the black bat-emblem—which is what is seen here!

The “1989 Batmobile & Batman” gives collectors one of the best models inspired from that monumental film. It was Batman brought back to his roots—it made the Dark Knight “dark” again.