Stjepan Sejic Joins Aquaman As New Regular Artist


DC Comics has announced that former Witchblade artist Stjepan Sejic will be joining the creative team of Aquaman this June.

It has now been a bit over a year since DC shook up their entire publishing line with Rebirth. It led to a massive sales bump and brought back a numbers of fans who fled when DC launched the New 52. The books went back to basics and returned to what worked best. And the readers followed.

One of the only criticisms fans have had with DC Rebirth is that the art has been a bit uneven on the twice a month titles. This is due to DC having to use multiple artists in order to keep the books on schedule. Some books, like Batman and Superman, haven’t really had a problem, with the art maintaining some consistency issue to issue.

For other titles, however, it has been a challenge. And one of titles with some of the biggest problems has been Aquaman.

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It hasn’t been that the art has been bad, because overall it hasn’t. Brad Walker, Scot Eaton and the rest have all turned in some great work. The problem that at times the art has looked a bit rushed and the difference in styles from one issue to the next can be incredibly jarring. Which is a real shame considering that writer Dan Abnett has really been knocking it out of the park on the writing.

But it looks like help is on way.

It was revealed last week that Stjepan Sejic will be joining Aquaman as the new regular artist on title. The artist himself broke the news on his Twitter feed by sharing some Aquaman art he had been working on with the appropriate water-themed puns.

Some readers will no doubt recognize Sejic’s work from his impressive run on Top Cow’s Witchblade, where he drew over 30 consecutive issues of the series. He has become quite a favorite of comic fans thanks to his distinctive style and ability to maintain a schedule, which should be of great benefit to Aquaman.

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At this point it isn’t known if Sejic will be the only artist on the title or if he will be joining the current stable of rotating pencillers. But if I had to bet, I’d say Sejic will be the primary artist.

And looking at those sketches, can you blame DC?

Sejic’s first issue arrives on June 21 and will be the extra-sized Aquaman #25, part one of the “Underworld” arc. Reserve your copy now because they won’t be on shelves long.