New Creative Team, Members For Uncanny Avengers


Marvel has announced that Uncanny Avengers will be getting a new creative team this June as well as a new lineup.

And the creative changes keep coming for Marvel Comics.

The past few weeks have seen numerous announcements about new titles as well as new writers and artists for existing ongoings. Old Man Logan is getting some new creative blood as is a number of other titles.

But perhaps the biggest surprise is the fact that the current series that are getting new creative teams are not getting renumbered. It has been Marvel’s practice in the past that whenever a new writer arrived, the book was relaunched with a shiny new number one because the logic was that it brought in more new readers.

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Only that never worked. Ever.

And Marvel may have finally caught on to that.

For example, on Friday Marvel revealed that Uncanny Avengers, the mutant/superhero hybrid title that launched out of Avengers vs X-Men to much fanfare but small sales numbers would be getting a new creative team.

Arriving in June will be writer Jim Zub and artist Kim Jacinto. They will be guiding the title through Marvel’s super-mega crossover event Secret Empire and see the Unity Squad on the run from their leader turned Hydra agent Steve Rogers.

But most shocking is that Uncanny Avengers will keep their numbering intact. Zub and Jacinto’s first issue will be #24, instead of rebooting the book yet again with a fresh #1.

In addition, Uncanny Avengers will see their lineup get a pretty big shakeup as mainstays Cable, Deadpool and Quicksilver pack their bags and split while adding the original Wasp, Janet Van Dyne to the mix.

Zub recently spoke to Comic Book Resources about Uncanny Avengers and how he is looking forward to mixing the new and the old during his run.

"“One of the things I love about working on ‘Uncanny Avengers’ is the sense of history the book carries, with long running characters from the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men in the mix even while it’s moving forward and building something new — new adventures, new relationships, and new challenges. The team is sort of a misfit family pulled together from different corners of the Marvel Universe who have found shared purpose. They support each other through good times and bad.”"

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I never really understood what the point of Uncanny Avengers was. When it originally launched it was supposed to be the new Marvel flagship book, but that never really happened. Instead it has just kind of been there in the background, taking up space.

Can a pair of new creators change that? We will all begin to find out when Uncanny Avengers #24 arrives in comic shops and digitally this June.