Mary Jane Watson Stars On Next Set Of Marvel Variant Covers


Marvel has announced that none other than Mary Jane Watson will be the focus of the next batch of Marvel variant covers.

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Marvel and the retailer incentive variant cover have pretty much become synonymous over the last few years. They have long championed the practice of convincing comic shop owners to order an insane number of copies of a certain title to get a single variant cover. In the past owners might have been able to sell that variant for big bucks but with the over saturation of the practice in the industry, variant covers are literally a dime a dozen in some cases.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped Marvel from pushing variant covers for almost every title they publish. Each and every book usually has at least one of two variants attached, if not more. And as of late, Marvel has taken the practice to the next level with theme variants for a given month.

There has been a month of Gwen Stacy variants, variants featuring characters replaced with action figures, variants where everyone has been possessed by Venom, variants where they all have a connection to the Marvel Comics of 1992.

And coming this June is a month of variants featuring Mary Jane Watson.

To tie into the launch of the new Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man title, the former wife/longtime girlfriend of Spider-Man will be the focus of over 20 variant covers by some of the best talents in the industry. The covers will recreate key moments in Marvel history, with Mary Jane standing in for one of the characters.

And if that sounds really stupid to you, you aren’t alone.

That said, I have to say a few of these are pretty awesome and might need to be added to my collection.

The complete list of variants and the issues they will adorn are:

All-New Wolverine #21 by David Lopez
Avengers #8 by Mike Allred
Champions #9 by Helen Chen
Doctor Strange #22 by Francisco Herrera
The Unbelievable Gwenpool #17 by David Nakayama
Hulk #7 by Rahzzah
Invincible Iron Man #8 by Marco Checchetto
Iron Fist #4 by Stephanie Hans
Spider-Gwen #21 by Kevin Wada
The Mighty Captain Marvel #6 by Chris Samnee
The Punisher #13 by Dave Williams
Venom #151 by Francesco Mattina
All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #3 by TBA
Black Bolt #2 by Ryan Stegman
Captain America: Steve Rogers #18 by Paolo Rivera
Daredevil #21 by Humberto Ramos
Deadpool #32 by Elizabeth Torque
I Am Groot #2 by TBA
The Mighty Thor #20 by Patrick Brown
Secret Warriors #3 by Humberto Ramos
X-Men Blue #5 by TBA
X-Men Gold #5 by Anthony Piper

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All of these variants are scheduled to be released throughout the month of June. If you plan to get one, I’d let your local comic shop now so you don’t miss out. Of course, you’ll probably be able to get them for half price by the end of the summer convention season, but don’t let that stop you if you are a diehard Marvel fan.