Preview: Monsters Unleashed #1 From Marvel


Marvel has provided a preview of the first issue of their new series Monsters Unleashed, a spinoff of the event of the same name.

Quick poll before we go any further: Who here is reading Marvel’s current super-mega crossover event Monsters Unleashed?

Ok. Not that many of you. Can’t say I’m exactly shocked. Next question: How many of you had no clue that Marvel was publishing a super-mega crossover event titled Monsters Unleashed?

Ah. Whole lot more of you fall into that latter category. Again, can’t say I’m exactly shocked.

Monsters Unleashed has been one of the most lackluster events Marvel has published in quite some time. From what I understand, the crossover involved the giant, building-sized creatures of the Marvel Universe deciding to go crazy at the same time. Obviously the heroes have to step in and save the day.

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And yes, I fully understand that sounds like the dumbest idea for an event since DC’s Amazons Attack. But hey, this is Marvel we’re talking about.

Anyway, for a reason I don’t fully comprehend, Marvel has decided that comic book fans not reading a miniseries isn’t enough. Now they want comic book fans to not read an ongoing series. So that is exactly what you’re going to get.

Launching in April is the new Monsters Unleashed ongoing series by Cullen Bunn and artist David Baldeon. The series will see the monsters of Marvel band together to stop evil and prevent destruction all over the planet.

Look, I’ll be honest here. This series sounds just as stupid as the event that spawned it. I’m not really sure how this will work on a monthly basis. That all being said, Bunn is a great writer and Baldeon, fresh from his stint on the late, lamented Web Warriors, is just the artist who could make this series work.

And who knows. If you are one of the few who read and enjoyed the Monsters Unleashed super-mega event, you will probably enjoy the ongoing series.

From the Marvel solicitation:

"Smashing their way into the Marvel Universe comes an all-new team of towering monsters looking to protect the planet from disaster! Kid Kaiju, Aegis, Slizzik, Scragg, Hi-Vo and Mekara are here to spring into action, with a little assist from renowned monster-hunter Elsa Bloodstone! However, can a team of giant monster heroes ever truly be accepted in the Marvel Universe? One thing is for certain – the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Damage Control and more will be keeping a close watch. Will they be allowed to help, or are they too dangerous to be left unchecked?"

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Monster Unleashed #1 hits comic shops on April 19 and includes a cover by comic book legend Art Adams. The issue will also feature variant covers by R.B. Silva, John Tyler Christopher, Sanford Greene and more yet to be announced.