DC Announces Summer Batman Event Dark Knights: Metal


Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo get the band back together for DC’s 2017 summer Batman-themed event Dark Knights: Metal.

You would be hard pressed to name a run by a creative team that left such an impression with readers as Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman.

Considered the high point of DC’s New 52 and one of the greatest runs on the Dark Knight ever done, Snyder and Capullo’s Batman was one for the ages. The storylines and concepts they came up with have become key parts of the Batman mythos. The Court of Owls, Zero Year, the definitive Joker story in “Endgame”, James Gordon as Batman in “Super Heavy”, it’s tough to talk about them and not want to run and reread them.

When the New 52 came to an end, so did Snyder and Capullo’s collaboration. And despite Snyder continuing to write Batman in the pages of All-Star Batman, without the magical pencils of Capullo to go with them it just wasn’t the same. It was like going through withdrawal every time a new issue of Batman came out.

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This summer, we will all be able to get our fix once again.

Announced at Fan Expo Dallas on Sunday, Snyder and Capullo are re-teaming for DC’s big summer event. Titled Dark Knights: Metal, it will a Batman story that will stretch across and encompass the entire DC Universe. Details are obviously slim right now, but both Dark Days: The Forge #1 and Dark Days: The Casting #1 will act as a two-part prelude to what’s going to happen in Metal.

To hear Snyder talk about Metal, this is a story he has been planning since day one of his run on Batman.

"“I’ve been planning METAL for as long as I’ve been writing Batman. But this is bigger than Batman. Greg and I started dropping clues during Court of Owls, we continued through our Joker stories and we placed our biggest hints in the run that culminated with Batman #50. And now we’re back to tell a story that breaks everything apart. This will be the definitive project of our careers. METAL takes us in an entirely new direction. Greg and I will dig beneath the surface of all the stories we’ve told to find a place of terror and twisted nightmares.”"

Capullo also sounds excited to be returning to the world of the Dark Knight after working on the creator-owned Reborn with Mark Millar.

"“I’m looking forward to rock’n’ and roll’n’ together again. Fans have been loud and clear; they want more from us. You know what they say; give the people what they want. Jonathan Glapion and FCO, the original Bat team, will be riding the lightning with Scott and I once again. We’re primed and ready to blow it up.”"

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Currently it is unknown how many issues Dark Knights: Metal is planned to run. It sounds like it may be open ended so that if Snyder and Capullo want to expand the story they have the freedom to do so.

The first issue of Dark Knights: Metal goes on sale in comic shops and digitally in August, 2017.