Preview: Jean Grey #1 From Marvel


Marvel Comics has released a preview of the first issue of Jean Grey, part of their effort to breathe life into the X-Men family of titles.

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I have often said that a big part of the reason I abandoned reading the X-Men books several years ago after following them for decades was Brian Michael Bendis. His take on the characters was completely off and most of the time the books he wrote read like Avengers Lite.

But the biggest offender had to be All-New X-Men. The comic, which followed the original X-Men as teens who traveled forward in time to the present, made as little sense as that sentence. The book just seemed to have no reason to exist and its prominence in the line made reading everything else next to impossible.

Unfortunately it would seem that the characters are sticking around for the long haul as they are starring in the new X-Men: Blue series. Their presence still makes zero sense, but at least with writer Cullen Bunn and artist Jorge Molina at the helm, they might be able to do something interesting with these characters.

In addition, it was announced that teenage Jean Grey would be getting a solo series of her own as part of ResurrXion, a first for the character. And since this is the X-Men and Jean Grey, it of course will involve the return of The Phoenix.

Written by Dennis Hopeless with artwork by Victor Ibanez, Jean Grey #1 has a lot of high-powered creative firepower behind it. But considering that most fans never seemed to really care about the time lost version of the X-Men as a whole, will they care about a series about the least likeable member of the cast?

I guess we’ll find out in May.

From the Marvel solicitation:

"A vision. A premonition. A warning. The Phoenix is coming back to Earth. It could be tomorrow, it could be years from now. But it’s on its way. Determined to not succumb to the fate that befell her adult counterpart, Jean will fight the future and forge her own destiny. One problem – she’s not ready. Not even close. So, on a quest to save her own life, she’ll travel across the Marvel Universe, honing her gifts under the tutelage of the greatest heroes and teachers. Even that may not be enough. Can Jean ever hope to escape the Phoenix? Or is the cycle of death and rebirth doomed to repeat itself?"

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Jean Grey #1 goes on sale May 3, 2017 and will feature a cover by David Yardin. The first issue will also include variant covers by Stephanie Hans, Marguerite Sauvage, Leonard Kirk, Shawn Crystal, Dave Cockrum and Dave Williams.