Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Recap And Review: “Universal Survival Saga: The Universes Begin To Make Their Moves – Their Individual Motives”


Dragon Ball Super continues to build anticipation for the Tournament of Power, as we are introduced to new characters from different universes in Episode 85.

After convincing Krillin and No.18 in the previous episode to enter the Tournament of Power, Goku turns his attention to recruit No.17. The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super introduces new characters to the anime and provides a look at the mindset of different universes.

Spoilers for the Episode Ahead

We begin with Goku and Gohan on their way to visit Dende. Gohan suggests that Piccolo would also be a valuable member of the team, to which Goku agrees. Gohan leaves to visit his previous master. On his own now, Goku continues his journey only to be halted by an explosion in the distance.

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Meanwhile, a meeting between the Kaioshins of all the universes involved in the tournament is taking place (excluding Universe 7 since this tournament was Goku’s fault). Universe 11’s Kaioshin is leading this meeting, stating that they should all visit Zeno and ask to change his mind. They all quickly shut down the idea, considering that once the Omni-King’s mind is made, there’s no turning back.

We return to Goku, who’s investigating these explosions. It’s revealed that the explosions are nothing but just Mr. Satan training Buu. Much to the surprise of Goku, Buu had slimmed down completely, reminiscent of his Super Buu days in Dragon Ball Z. Satan mentions that Buu had trained nonstop since returning from the pre-tournament battle against Universe 9.

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Buu had enjoyed fighting the “doggie guys” so much so that he wanted to get stronger. Satan then suggests that Goku should spar with the new and improved Buu, which the Saiyan immediately agrees to.

The fight begins, and we immediately see both competitors evenly matched. Goku, impressed, mentions that Buu has gotten quicker and stronger. Satan reminds Buu that the rules were to knock the opponent out-of-bounds (much to the disappointment of Buu, who wanted to eliminate his opponents completely).

He then fires a flurry of Ki attacks at Goku. The Saiyan fights them off, mentioning that Ki attacks won’t knock him out-of-bounds. While Goku concentrates on the attacks, Buu closes in to throw him out-of-bounds. Goku, impressed by Buu’s quick thinking, mentions that he learned something new.

We’re beginning to see a common theme here in recent episodes. It appears that Goku may learn new tricks by each episode until the tournament begins. As for Buu’s physique, it’s questionable if he can sustain this new figure. Fans know Buu has a tendency to snack and sleep, so it remains to be seen.

We then see our first glimpse of Universe 11. Toppo, dressed lavishly, enters a posh restaurant for a drink. He reminisces back to his encounter with Goku, with a worrying look on his face. This is recognized by a new character, who mentions this to Toppo. It is revealed that this character is the General of the Pride Troopers that Toppo leads.

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Toppo briefly mentions his concerns are due to the fate of the universe lying on his shoulders. The conversation is interrupted when a planet comes under attack by a space monster, requiring the Pride Troopers’ assistance.

The episode then shifts to fan favorite Champa, as he is addressing the other gods of the universes who are involved in the tournament. He had discovered that a meeting between the Kaioshins had occurred earlier and accuses the deities of cheating. They all shoot down these claims and ask why Beerus isn’t involved in this meeting. Like the Kaioshin meeting, Beerus is left out due to Goku’s involvement in the creation of the Tournament of Power.

However, Vados disagrees with their view. She mentions that they are in Goku’s debt. Since without the tournament, Zeno would have erased all lower level universes.

Returning to the Pride Troopers, we are introduced to a new character—Dyspo. He is fighting the space monster and is later joined by the rest of the team. They manage to defeat the monster while showcasing a new team dynamic and combo attacks. Toppo later explains the Tournament of Power to the team, inviting them to participate. They mention the mysterious Jiren, who we know already as the strongest individual in Universe 11.

Fans are deprived of seeing Jiren in action, as we are only shown a glimpse of him meditating. It is clear he is valuable to the group and the anticipation builds for his introduction.

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We then transition to Goku who has finally reached Dende. The god asks why Goku has come to see him, and if it has anything to do with the Tournament of Power. Amazed by this knowledge, Goku asks how he knew about the Tournament. Dende mentions that he overheard the Supreme Kai and God of Destruction (a meeting we didn’t see this episode).

We return to Champa, who is conversing with his Supreme Kai. He opts to take responsibility of gathering the competitors for the tournament. Vados asks where they should begin, to which Champa responds that they need Saiyans to fight Saiyans (referring to Cabba). Vados calls Cabba asking for his help, only for Champa to take over the conversation. He yells that he wants someone stronger than Cabba and that he needs more Saiyans.

This provides an interesting dynamic since we haven’t seen any other Saiyans on Universe 6 apart from Cabba.  Saiyans are known to be a warrior race, which leaves us wondering how strong they really are.

The episode ends with Gohan meeting Piccolo, asking to train him once again. And as for Goku, Dende reveals to him the location of No.17, setting up the next episode.

Thoughts on the Episode

This episode differed from previous episodes in the saga. We were treated to multiple arcs, as the universes all prepared for the tournament. This felt like a pleasant change of pace, as we saw the preparations from different perspectives.

Universe 11 received a lot of attention this episode, which suggests they may play an integral part in the tournament. Quite obviously, they are setting up an epic confrontation between Goku and Jiren.

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We also see the other universes’ disdain for Goku and Universe 7, which could come into play. This may very well become a handicap match instead of a battle royal. As for the next episode, we finally see Goku meet No.17 for the first time.

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