Sterling K. Brown Explains His Continued Interest In Playing Green Lantern


Sterling K. Brown is still hoping to bring Green Lantern to life!

Fans have been trying to “fancast” John Stewart (Green Lantern) for years now. After it was announced that the upcoming Green Lantern Corps film would feature the character, casting speculations only increased. Most notably, actor Sterling K. Brown threw his hat in the ring for the role, and he still wants it.

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In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Brown stated that he has not officially launched a campaign for the part, but would definitely love to play the character:

"“Let me say that the campaign has never been officially launched. That’s just Brown sending out a tweet innocuously in the middle of the night after he recognized that the role needed to be cast. Like ‘Hey, I like Green Lantern, give it a shot.’ No further updates on the development of the Green Lantern pursuit, but I’m still very much interested and intrigued in playing that role.”"

It’s easy to understand why he would want the role, and he’s not the first to pursue it. Actor and musician Common has also been hoping to play the part, but after his previous DCEU appearance in Suicide Squad (2016), that looks very unlikely.

Brown would actually make an excellent John Stewart. He has a great screen presence as an actor, and possesses the no-nonsense demeanor and sense of integrity that Stewart is known for.

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John Stewart has become one of the most endearing characters in comic book history. He made his first appearance in 1971, and has arguably become the most iconic Green Lantern next to Hal Jordan.

It’s hard to say when Warner Bros. and DC Films might actually announce an actor for the role, as we’ve barely heard anything about the film itself. But it will be interesting to see who ends up wearing the coveted power ring.

Green Lantern Corps is currently set for release in 2020.