Marvel Teases Spider-Men II By Brian Michael Bendis


Marvel has sent out a teaser that would seem to indicate fans will be getting Spider-Men II by original writer Brian Michael Bendis.

Long before diversity became such a hot button topic that it could start an argument faster than if you asked two comic book fans which movie Batman was the best, there was Miles Morales.

Miles Morales, the half African American, half Hispanic teenager who replaced the ultimate version of Spider-Man when that character died at the hands of Norman Osborn. Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli, Miles took over starring in Ultimate Spider-Man and became immensely popular with readers, despite some purists saying that Miles was created just to satisfy a small segment of the readership.

Miles had a featured role in Secret Wars, which did away with the Marvel multiverse as we knew it and saw the destruction of the Ultimate Universe. Despite that, Miles was one of the few characters to make the transition to the new Marvel Universe where he worked alongside Peter Parker, kept the name Spider-Man and his mother was still alive.

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Of course, the problem was that this caused all kinds of issues regarding Miles’ history and beginnings. His origin is tied directly to the origins of the Ultimate Peter Parker and none of it can be fixed that easily now that he is living in the 616 (or whatever Marvel is calling it now) Universe.

Then there is the fact that it has been heavily implied that Miles may be one of the few characters who remembers the universe before Secret Wars. How much of that includes his original Ultimate origin and his life in the Ultimate Universe is a mystery.

And lost among all of that was the little bit of unresolved plot from the 2012 Spider-Men miniseries, which saw Peter Parker crossover into the Ultimate Universe. At the end, when Peter had returned home, he decided to see if his Earth had a Miles Morales.

His reaction was pretty interesting.

So it’s safe to say that Miles Morales needs something of a soft reboot. And if a Marvel teaser that appeared on their Twitter account is to be believed, that might be exactly what we’re going to get.

Combined with statements made by Bendis over the last year or so and it looks for all the world like we are getting a Spider-Men II miniseries. One that might fix all the continuity issues that have cropped up in Miles’ origin and exactly how it relates to Peter Parker.

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Currently Marvel hasn’t confirmed if Spider-Men II is even an actual project, much less who might be drawing it or when it will be released. But when that information becomes known, you can read all about it right here on Bam Smack Pow.