Dragon Ball Super: Producer Addresses Power Level Inflation Issues


Dragon Ball Super producer addresses the power level inflation among its characters.

One of the most iconic Dragon Ball Z lines was “it’s over 9000.” Fans will recognize that this line was Vegeta acknowledging Goku’s power level. It is worth noting this moment occurred before Goku achieved his Super Saiyan form. And Goku continues to achieve higher power levels since, with the tradition continuing in Dragon Ball Super.

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Perhaps the most significant moment in Dragon Ball Super was Goku achieving Super Saiyan God form. He did this by channeling the power of six righteous Saiyans. From this, Goku (and Vegeta) managed to create the Super Saiyan Blue form. In other words, they’re strong.

They are significantly stronger than the supporting characters. Many fans questioned why there is a vast difference of strength. Producer Hiroyuki Sakurada addressed these issues. Speaking with Mantan Web, Sakurada explained the plans behind the power inflation. He stated:

"“There are more surprises further along in Dragon Ball Super. I think that they seem to have a richness. When new arc starts, whatever happens after this – Mr. [Akira] Toriyama will break through it, even if the scale is too big this time. I do not worry about inflation. The concern [about inflation] of this time will be surpassed.”"

So there you have it. It appears the masterminds behind Dragon Ball Super may have a plan after all.

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It is worth noting that Dragon Ball Super has solely focused on Goku and Vegeta. So we haven’t seen what the other characters have been up to. For example, we recently found out just how much Krillin had been training. And we know that Gohan is training vigorously with Piccolo.

Maybe the Tournament of Power could reveal the true strengths of the other characters. Or it could motivate the characters to get stronger. In a world where the most powerful person is a child-like character, anything is possible.