Dragon Ball Super: Episode 89 preview teases Goku and Roshi showdown


The Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 preview showcases Tiens dojo, zombie Roshi, and a mysterious new character.

Dragon Ball Super is gearing up for the Tournament of Power in the “Universal Survival” saga. The latest episode was a throwback to the old days, as we saw Gohan training with Piccolo. It was revealed that Piccolo is part of the team—making him the eighth member confirmed

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This now leaves Goku to round up the last two members to complete the team. That seems to be the focus for the next episode. We learned from the episode synopsis that Goku will visit Tien and Roshi.

He hopes to recruit his old acquaintances to join the team. However, it appears the two may be in some trouble.

We see from the episode preview that Goku must deal with a zombie Roshi. It appears he is placed under a curse—the cause likely to be the talisman pinned to his head.

And presumably, the perpetrator is a mysterious girl seen talking with Tien. We learned that her name was Yurin from the synopsis. Goku and Tien must deal with the cursed Roshi and Yurin.

Much like the last episode, this episode appears to be a throwback. It’s been a while since we have seen Goku work with Tien. Both Tien and Roshi were introduced in Dragon Ball.

Roshi was an acquaintance to Goku’s late grandfather. He soon became the young Saiyan’s master. He even taught Goku the “Kamehameha” wave, which has become synonymous to the anime.

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Tien was introduced later in the series. He began as the student of Master Shen—Roshi’s rival. And because of this, Tien and Goku also became rivals. This all changed, however, when the two competed in the World Tournament. Tien narrowly won, but in the end, gained respect for Goku. The two have been allies ever since.

So, Dragon Ball fans are highly eager to see the reunion of their beloved characters. It’ll be a pleasant change of pace to see these characters reintroduced in Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super airs on Crunchyroll Saturdays at 7:15 p.m. CST.