Josh Gad sends out a mysterious tweet featuring the Penguin


Could Josh Gad be playing the Penguin?

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The DC Extended Universe is steadily coming together, as more characters are gradually being cast. A number of actors have expressed interest in portraying characters. Both Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard have shown interest in playing Poison Ivy. Now, it looks like someone has at least thrown his hat in the ring for the Penguin.

Josh Gad put out a very ominous tweet regarding Batman. The tweet did not include any message, but only featured a picture of the Penguin.

Now, this could mean a number of things. Of course, it could mean that Gad is merely interested in playing the character. However, it could also mean that Gad is in negotiations for the role or that he actually has it. At this point, it’s impossible to say which of these is the case.

If Gad is in fact pursuing the role, it would be a nice pick-up for Warner Bros. and DC Films. Gad has proven to be a talented actor, and is currently in high demand. But, most of his work has been in the comedy genre. Still, he does have upcoming projects like Marshall and Murder on the Orient Express, which vary from his past work. Plus, it’s hard to deny that he physically resembles Oswald Cobblepot.

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It’s also interesting to think about where the character might show up in the DCEU. Matt Reeves’ The Batman seems like the obvious option, but he could always pop up in Chris McKay’s Nightwing. Only time will tell when the character might appear or if Gad even ends up playing him. Still, the prospect of having him as the Penguin definitely isn’t bad.