Shameik Moore talks about voicing Miles Morales in animated Spider-Man film


The young actor has finally spoken about being cast in the new Spider-Man animated movie!

Apart from this summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sony and Columbia Pictures also have their hands full with an animated film featuring the Miles Morales version of the character. Last month, it was announced that Shameik Moore would be voicing him. Now, the actor has spoken publicly about the role for the first time since his casting.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Moore explained that it took a while for him to get a response from the studio on the casting. He also shared his excitement and gratitude in getting the role:

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"“I waited a very long time to hear back from them. I thought I didn’t get it. But anyways, yeah, I’m more than excited and thankful. I am voicing Miles Morales, the black Spider-Man. I am a black young man.”"

He also discussed the personal significance of the role to him and also revealed that he somewhat predicted his getting the part:

"“It’s very, very powerful to me. It says a lot. In my journal before Dope, I drew ‘I am Spider-Man’ and then on the next page I drew, ‘I am Miles Morales’ across the whole two pages of it. Two years later [it actually happened]…Write it down, pencil [and] paper.”"

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It’s good to know that he is already so close to the character. Although Donald Glover did an excellent job voicing Miles in Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man series, it’s hard to deny that Moore is near-perfect for the part. His performance in Dope (2015) alone proves that he was the wit and charisma behind the character. It will be very interesting to see (or hear) what he brings to this take on Spider-Man.

The animated Spider-Man movie is currently slated to hit theaters on December 14, 2018.