Kevin Feige talks on Marvel Studios’ upcoming 10th anniversary


Kevin Feige is looking forward to Marvel Studios’ 10th anniversary!

Marvel Studios has been making films for almost a decade. Many of us can still remember when they released a little film featuring a second-tier superhero named Iron Man back in 2008. The surprise success of that movie helped them to launch a cinematic universe that’s still growing. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is pleased with the studio’s success, and is actively preparing for its tenth year.

In a recent interview with, Feige reflected on the first ten years and revealed that releasing Avengers: Infinity War will be the studio’s way of celebrating:

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"It sort of blows my mind when I think about that. We’ll have 20 films in ten years. We’re now working on how we mark that occasion. How we celebrate it. I have a very fun memory of the tenth anniversary of ‘Star Wars’ when I as in junior high school. Now ‘Star Wars’ is 40 and I wonder what Marvel Studios will be in another 30 years. I have no idea. But I know we’re very proud of the last ten years and we want to celebrate that somehow. ‘Infinity War’ will, frankly, be that celebration."

Feige was then asked if the company’s path to Infinity War was a set plan or a fluid one, and he responded by saying that it was actually a mixture of the two:

"It is, I think, a very good combination of both. It’s a result of having a goal and having an endgame. It’s about heading towards that and still being willing to make adjustments along the way where it serves whatever film we’re working on. We never want to be so rigid in a structure that we don’t allow ourselves to do fun, new, unexpected things that can happen along the way. I’d say it’s a pretty healthy combination of both… We started out being very excited that we were finally able to be the people creatively responsible for a Marvel film ourselves and do them in the way that our instincts sort of called for us to do them. That has remained unchanged."

Marvel Studios began to produce their films independently in 2006. Prior to this, the company merely licensed films produced by other studios like Fox’s X-Men (2000) and Columbia Pictures’ Spider-Man. (2002).

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It’s hard to believe that the studio started the MCU almost ten years ago, but it’s not hard to believe that they’ve always had a plan. Through just about every one of their films, it’s been evident that Marvel knew exactly where they wanted things to go, and Infinity War will be the culmination of that.

This really has been a long time coming. Audiences have watched for years as the pieces have been put into place, which will make it all the more satisfying when we’re all finally watching Avengers: Infinity War in the theater.