Dragon Ball Super: Episode 91 preview teases new character


Dragon Ball Super episode 91 preview teases the preparations of the universes and a look at a new character.

We are now reaching into the core of the “Universal Survival” saga in Dragon Ball Super. We learned from the previous episode that there are only four and a half hours left until the Tournament of Power begins. So now all that remains are for the competitors to prepare.

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We know from the episode 91 synopsis that we will get a look at the preparation techniques of the other universes. In regards to this, Vegeta will enter the Room of Spirit and Time to prepare. We also know that the Omni-Kings will be featured.

It appears the Omni-Kings are feeling impatient, pushing for the start of the tournament as soon as possible. However, the Grand Priest advised against it. He notifies the Omni-Kings that the universes need time to prepare. Presumably, this is where we see the progress of the competing universes.

We can see a few things from the episode preview. First, it appears Frost is training with Hit. This would be an interesting encounter to see since both characters have been established to be strong in their own ways. Frost has utilized cheap tactics in his previous fights (which he may get away with in the tournament), and Hit went toe-to-toe with Goku.

We also see Gohan exercising his power as the team leader. It looks as though they are talking strategy and preparing Universe 7 for the tournament. However, we see that Goku realizes that there is an issue with Buu. This story marks the beginning of the return of a certain villain.

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Universe 9 was also shown in this preview. We learned from the exhibition match that they are not shy from using under-handed tactics. It’ll be intriguing to see what their plan may be for the tournament.

Lastly, we saw a glimpse of a new female character sporting long green hair. It’s unclear to see what universe she is part of, and what her involvement will be exactly. So that will be something to look out for. One thing is for sure, this does look like a packed episode.