Eaglemoss DC Comics Super Hero Collection: Wonder Woman


Check out our exclusive unboxing of the Wonder Woman figurine from Eaglemoss Collectibles’ DC Comics Super Hero Collection.

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For over 40 years, Eaglemoss has been specializing in pop culture memorabilia. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the company would delve into the world of comics. One of their most popular lines—the DC Comics Super Hero Collection—has made a recent comeback. So far, we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing three offerings from that line—Superman, Batman,and Harley Quinn.

Wonder Woman is currently receiving a lot of buzz due to the recent release of her first solo live-action outing. The DC Extended Universe film has quickly become both a box office and critical success worldwide. So it’s only fitting that we should review Eaglemoss’s Wonder Woman figurine.

Created by writer William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G. Peter, Wonder Woman made her debut in All Star Comics #8 (October 1941). For over 75 years, the character has been ranked as one of the most recognizable superheroes. She also has the distinction of not only being a Justice Leagure, but as a member of the DC Trinity—a small group of legendary DC icons that also include Superman and Batman.

Bam Smack Pow has been fortunate enough to receive Eaglemoss’s Wonder Woman offering. So join us as we perform an unboxing and review.

The Unboxing

For each superhero offering, Eaglemoss provides limited edition collectors boxes that feature custom art. Here, you can see Wonder Woman in her comic book form with a generous window that caters to in-box collectors (yes, I’m part of that crowd). The back of the box features a photo gallery of the overall DC Comics Super Hero Collection line.

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

Removing the outer box, we’re presented with a molded plastic shell housing the actual figurine. The plastic casing has two pieces sandwiching the figurine, protecting it during transit. The packaging is secure, but can be easily removed.

The Details

The companion magazine gives a very brief account of Wonder Woman’s history from the character’s standpoint, going into her adventures and exploits in chronological order. “Brief” can be a relative term here, as the character has such a rich history. But the magazine is thorough enough to give any layperson a great education on the Goddess of Truth.

Like all Eaglemoss offerings, the figurine is highly detailed and gives a very classic interpretation of the character. In fact, this Wonder Woman figurine looks like it jumped off the pages of an Alex Ross illustrated graphic novel. The character is sporting her classic heroic pose, ready to deploy her iconic Lasso of Truth. At the bottom of the pedestal, you’ll find an official DC Comics certification seal and number.

All Items

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

With Wonder Woman garnering rave reviews and climbing at the box office, interest in the character is sure to increase. Eaglemoss’s compelling offering couldn’t have come at a better time. Collectors can get a figurine of one of the most iconic superheroes and also some literature documenting her history and exploits.

If you’re still on the fence, the $4.95 is pretty much a risk-free trial. You can cancel at any time. However, I doubt any collector will. You can check out Eaglemoss’s official DC Super Hero Collection website to see how you can get started on a subscription today.

A special thanks to Raphaël Cohen from Eaglemoss Publications Ltd. for helping us with this review.

Disclosure: Bam Smack Pow was provided with a free sample for the purposes of this review.

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