Dragon Ball Super episode 94 synopsis: “Universal Survival Saga: Resurrection Of The Evil Emperor! The Mysterious Awaiting Assassins?!”


Dragon Ball Super’s Episode 94 synopsis teases a showdown between Universe 9 and Frieza.

The Dragon Ball Super “Universal Survival” saga has certainly picked up steam recently with the return of Frieza. The recent episode saw Goku recruit Frieza as the final member of Universe 7. Now, all that remains is for the teams to prepare.

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However, we also learned in the previous episode that the other universes found about Frieza’s return. We found out that Universe 4 had been spying on Universe 7. It was revealed at the end of the episode that Universe 4 has a plan against Universe 7.

Well, it appears Universe 4 is not the only one to have an issue with Universe 7. Thanks to the translations of Twitter user, @Herms98, we have the synopsis for Episode 94:

"“Sidra This Week: Attacking Frieza?!Universe 9’s Sidra holds a grudge against Universe 7. Hearing that Frieza will become a team member, he plots to ensure an easy victory by defeating Frieza before he can join!”"

It seems word is spreading about Frieza’s return and no one is happy about it. The synopsis adds that even Universe 7 has an issue with it:

"“Goku goes to meet Frieza!Goku’s friends strongly object to Frieza joining the fight. Can Goku safely recruit him?!”"

It makes sense considering Frieza tried to take over the universe multiple times and is just generally evil—so no one can be happy seeing his face again.

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The synopsis also mentions that No.17 will be joining the rest of the team as they prepare for the tournament:

"“The Universe 7 members make final arrangements before the main event. Goku entrusts Goten and Trunks to look after things while No.17 is away (a condition of No.17’s participation)”"

If we remember, Goku suggested that Trunks and Goten can look after the island No.17 cares for when he is away. So it is worth wondering if Trunks and Goten can manage it.

We can see just how much of an impact Frieza’s return is having on the universes. With many universes objecting to Frieza’s participation, it is worth wondering how he will handle all this backlash.