Letitia Wright talks about Black Panther’s Princess Shuri


Letitia Wright provides some keen insight into her role as Shuri.

The cast of Black Panther consists of young and veteran actors alike. Among them is rising star Letitia Wright, who is playing Princess Shuri. Following her first appearance in this film, she’ll reportedly reappear in Avengers: Infinity War. Wright has been quiet about the role thus far, but now, the actress has shared some interesting details regarding her character.

While speaking with Interview Magazine, Wright explained that Shuri is not only the princess of Wakanda, but she is also a tech-savvy and proactive young woman, who provides technology for the country. The actress also expressed her delight in the fact the character can serve as a role model for youths:

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"“She’s princess of Wakanda, but also she designs all of the new technology there. She has an innovative spirit and an innovative mind, and she wants to take Wakanda to a new place. Also, she has a great fashion sense, better than mine. She’s so vibrant; a beautiful spirit, but also so focused on what she does. And that’s good for other people to see, especially young people to see, because it’s like, “Look, there’s a young black girl who loves technology and she’s from Africa.” It’s something refreshing.”"

Anyone who has read Black Panther comics knows that Shuri is a multifaceted character, and it sounds like this will be the case in the MCU as well. Fans also know that she will eventually become the Black Panther herself.

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It’s way too early to tell if Marvel Studios is planning for her incarnation of the hero in the films. However, judging by the character’s seemingly ambitious attitude, it’s not crazy to think it could happen someday. With two appearances already lined up, Shuri’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe looks bright.

Black Panther claws its way into theaters on February 16, 2018.