Dragon Ball Super episode 94 recap and review: “Universal Survival Saga: Resurrection Of The Evil Emperor! The Mysterious Awaiting Assassins?!”


The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super focuses on Friezas resurrection and Universe 7s final preparations before the Tournament of Power.

The “Universal Survival Saga” for Dragon Ball Super focuses on the Tournament of Power. The tournament involves eight out of the twelve existing universes. Ten of the strongest in each universe will fight in a “Battle Royale” style match. The losing universes will be eliminated by the Omni-Kings.

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In the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super, we saw Goku visit Frieza in Hell. Since Buu dropped out of the tournament, Goku wanted Frieza to be the final member of the team. Frieza accepted, but only under the condition that after the tournament, Goku must resurrect him with the Dragon Balls. Meanwhile, Quitela (Universe 4’s God of Destruction) found out about Frieza’s return and planned to eliminate him before the tournament begins.

WARNING: Spoilers for the Episode Ahead

The episode begins with Goku eating a big meal at Bulma’s house. Vegeta is skeptical that Frieza easily agreed to be revived for 24 hours. Goku tries to act like this was the case, but the group is not convinced.

Much to the shock of the group, Goku admits that he agreed to revive Frieza via the Dragon Balls if they were to win the tournament. Whis, on the other hand, believes Frieza’s resurrection is a small price to pay when looking at the bigger picture. Plus, Goku reassures that he’ll be able to defeat Frieza again.

We move to a conversation between Quitela (Universe 4’s God of Destruction) and Sidra (Universe 9’s God of Destruction). Quitela states that Universe 7 plans to attack Universe 9 before the tournament begins (which isn’t the case of course). He suggests that Universe 9 should attack Universe 7 first.

Quitela adds that Universe 7 plans to revive a dangerous warrior named Frieza. He suggests that Universe 9 should eliminate Frieza before he meets with the group. This would cause Universe 7 to be eliminated by disqualification if they do not have enough members. Sidra is concerned that the Omni-Kings will discover the plan, but Quitela assures that if they are not directly involved, they would have nothing to worry about. He suggests using some hired assassins.

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We return to Universe 7. Trunks is staring at the teams’ board and notices Frieza’s picture.  Goku, Vegeta and Bulma discuss telling Trunks about the tournament, but agree that it would only complicate things.

Bulma tells Trunks that the board is a list of people who are invited to Bulla’s birth celebration. Trunks is shocked that Frieza is part of the list, considering he is evil. Vegeta responds stating that Frieza has actually turned a new leaf. Vegeta can’t believe that he had to defend Frieza of all people.

Much to the shock of Vegeta and Bulma, Goku asks Trunks if he would like to protect No.17’s island from poachers. Trunks is excited about the opportunity and runs to tell Goten. Vegeta and Bulma ask Goku if those were the conditions behind No.17’s recruitment. Goku assures Vegeta and Bulma that Goten and Trunks can handle it.

Goku asks Krillin if he could take Trunks and Goten to the island since he’ll be busy with Fortune-teller Baba. Krillin is nervous about seeing No.17, considering he has a bad history with him. He agrees to go with No.18.

We transition to Roshi who is training at Korin’s tower. He’s testing out an attack called “Lightning Flash Surprise Attack” on Yajirobe. He believes this attack would be useful for a “Battle Royale” style match. Korin informs Roshi that it is almost time for the tournament.

Before Roshi leaves, Korin asks why Roshi chose to train with him. Roshi responds that he wanted to relive his younger days. Korin already knew the answer, but wanted to hear it out loud. Roshi is about to leave, but remembers he can’t fly.

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We transition to Universe 9. Sidra and Supreme Kai Roh research about Frieza (on GodTube) and discover his villainous ways. Roh believes that Frieza needs to be eliminated immediately. Sidra agrees and urges the assassins to get ready.

We return to Universe 7. Goku visits Baba once again, asking about Frieza. She tells Goku to wait, while she goes to resurrect Frieza. Goku wonders how Krillin is doing. We see a fleet of soldiers arriving Earth.

The episode transitions to Krillin on No.17’s island. Krillin is nervous seeing No.17 once again. He tries making small talk, but No.18 assures this isn’t necessary. No.17 questions if the island will be safe with Goten and Trunks guarding it. Krillin mentions that they are Goku and Vegeta’s sons and they should worry about the poachers instead.

Marron wants to stay on the island too. Krillin resists, but No.18 assures that Marron can handle herself. No.17, No.18, and Krillin leave. There are some poachers lurking who are excited to see No.17 leave. However, one poacher believes the children who remained are not normal since they can fly.

No.17 and No.18 return to the group. Gohan informs the group that despite their previous differences, the group must work together. Vegeta responds stating that they won’t need to work together if he can defeat everyone himself.

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Meanwhile, Piccolo and No.17 confront each other. This expected physical encounter turns out to be a respectful greeting. Piccolo is glad that No.17 joined the team. Roshi joins the team also. He takes a look at Gohan and is impressed with what he sees. Vegeta mentions that all that remains are for Goku and Frieza to join.

We return to Goku who is waiting for Frieza. Baba returns from Hell with Frieza (who is embarrassed with his new halo). Frieza punches Goku in the gut, stating his hand slipped. Goku laughs and does the same. While this is happening, Baba is urging them to leave. Goku and Frieza are about to leave, but receive word that a group of people want to see them.

We see a large herd of people floating above the location. Goku asks who they are and why they are here. They respond stating that they can’t say. Frieza shoots one of them. He is excited to see a “welcoming party” and wants to deal with them.

We transition back to the group. Beerus is getting impatient and believes Goku should have returned by now. Krillin asks Whis what happens if they don’t reach the tournament in time. Whis responds stating that they would probably get disqualified.

Back to Goku and Frieza. Goku states that there is no time for this and they should leave. Frieza, on the other hand, wants to deal with these intruders. He believes they can eliminate them in short time. He transforms into his Golden form, stating that he wants to warm up before the tournament.

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Thoughts on the Episode

This was a highly enjoyable episode. The highlight of the episode was seeing Frieza resurrected and working alongside Goku. It will be weird for Dragon Ball fans to see Frieza and Goku fighting side by side, but it is definitely exciting to see. And with the episode ending with Frieza transforming into his Golden form, we definitely cannot wait for the next episode.