Dragon Ball Super: Episode 95 preview teases an epic Frieza rampage


The Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 preview showcases Friezas rampage on Universe 9s assassins.

The Dragon Ball Super “Universal Survival” saga focuses on the Tournament of Power which involves eight out of the twelve existing universes. Each universe will have ten of their strongest warriors compete in a “Battle Royale” style match. And the losing universes will be eliminated by the Omni-Kings.

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The recent episode of Dragon Ball Super saw the revival of Frieza. He had been revived by Fortune-teller Baba for only 24 hours. However, word had gotten out to Quitela (Universe 4’s God of Destruction) that Frieza will be resurrected. So, in a plan to eliminate Frieza, Quitela tricked Sidra (Universe 9’s God of Destruction) to attack Frieza. The episode ended with Universe 9’s assassins confronting Frieza and Goku.

Episode 95’s synopsis teased Frieza going on a rampage. After spending a long time in Hell, he was eager to get back into a fighting mood. However, Goku suggests that they should leave since they are short on time. There is roughly an hour left until the Tournament of Power begins, and if they don’t enter, they will be disqualified. The episode preview shows us a glimpse of what’s to come.

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The episode preview shows Frieza letting loose on the assassins. After spending a lot of time in Hell, we can imagine he has a lot of pent-up aggression. We can also see Goku and Frieza teaming up—which is something Dragon Ball fans would need to get accustomed to.

In addition, Goku appears to be trying to restrain Frieza from eliminating the enemies. With Frieza’s evil intentions always in play, Goku will definitely have his hands full.

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