Dragon Ball Super episode 96 synopsis: “Universal Survival Saga: The Time Has Come! To The World Of Void, Where The Universes’ Fates Will Be Decided”


Dragon Ball Super’s Episode 96 synopsis hints that the Tournament of Power will finally begin.

We are now reaching the peak of the “Universal Survival” saga in Dragon Ball Super and things are certainly heating up. In the most recent episode, Frieza was resurrected for only 24 hours. With Buu dropping out, Goku chose Frieza to be the final member of Universe 7.

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With the team assembled, all that remains is for everyone to prepare for the Tournament of Power. We know from Episode 95’s synopsis that Frieza and Goku will be confronted by Universe 9’s assassins before the Tournament of Power. This will be a good warm-up for both Frieza and Goku.

It now appears that the tournament is finally drawing near. Thanks to the translation efforts of Twitter user @Herms98, we have Episode 96’s synopsis:

"It’s almost time for the Tournament of Power! Goku and co. head for the World of Void!!The Tournament of Power is finally about to begin. Goku and co. head to the World of Void, site of the battle stage! Before they battle against the toughest warriors from other universes, Beerus announces his strategy!! What in the world could this strategy be?!"

After what seems like forever, it looks like the tournament will finally begin. The synopsis hints that Beerus will provide a strategy. With his hot-headed nature, we’re definitely wondering what he’s planning.

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The synopsis also hints that the Omni-Kings will feature alongside the gods from the other universes:

"“The Omni-Kings are spending the remaining time until the tournament taking it easy! As they relax, the gods from the universes with the top four highest levels (the ones exempted from the tournament) assemble before them!!”"

It appears Episode 96 will be the beginning of an epic run of episodes. With the tournament set to begin, we eagerly anticipate what is to come.