Mahershala Ali and Brian Tyree Henry join Sony’s animated Spider-Man film


Sony’s animated Spider-Man movie has just cast two key roles!

Things are steadily coming together for the animated Spider-Man film. The movie has already cast Shameik Moore and Liev Schreiber as Miles Morales and the film’s antagonist, respectively. However, no other cast members had been confirmed—until now.

The Tracking Board is reporting that Mahershala Ali and Brian Tyree Henry have joined  the film. Henry will voice Miles Morales’ father Jefferson Davis and Ali will voice Miles’ uncle Aaron Davis.

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This is major news for the animated feature, as both Ali and Henry are currently in high demand. Ali was already known to audiences for his role in Netflix’s House of Cards. But his career skyrocketed after his role in Marvel’s Luke Cage, and his Oscar-winning performance in last year’s Moonlight. Henry, on the other hand, has become a breakout star due to his well-received performance in FX’s critically acclaimed series, Atlanta.

Those who are familiar with the comics know that both Jefferson and Aaron play pivotal roles in Miles Morales’ development as a person and a superhero. Jefferson is a serious detective with a criminal past, who only wants to steer his son in the right direction. However, his distrust for superheroes causes him to disown his son after discovering his alter-ego, but he later comes to accept Miles’ role as New York’s web-slinger.

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Aaron Davis is Jefferson’s wayward brother, who commits crime as a burglar named “the Prowler.” His criminal activity inadvertently leads to Miles gaining his abilities. After discovering his young nephew’s identity, he tries to use his abilities for personal gain before Miles rebels against him.

Both Ali and Henry are strong actors and, as such, they can definitely bring depth and believability to two equally strong characters.

Sony’s animated Spider-Man film swings into theaters on December 14, 2018.