Marc Silvestri is working on a Batman/Joker miniseries


Rumors have persisted for years that Marc Silvestri is doing a Batman project for DC, but now some details have finally emerged.

It seems like every time the subject of the Batman family of titles comes up, someone in the conversation will say “Hey, wasn’t Marc Silvestri working on a Batman book?” at which point everyone mentions how cool that would be and then shrugs it off as a pipe dream.

I mean, this is Marc Silvestri we’re talking about here. The man is arguably one of the most talented, but also one of the slowest artists in comics. Yes, seeing the creator of Witchblade and the Darkness working on a Batman book would be awesome, but it would take forever to come out.

Honestly, it would likely make The Dark Knight III: The Master Race look like a biweekly by comparison.

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Rumors have circulated going as far back as the launch of the New 52 about Silvestri and a Batman book he was supposedly working on. And it seemed like every time a new batch of New 52 titles came out, the rumors would come up once again.

And now, with DC Rebirth a solid hit, guess what readers are talking about? However, this time we have some actual facts to go along with the speculation.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that Silvestri is indeed working on a Batman project and that it is actually a six-issue miniseries that will see the Dark Knight team up with the Joker against a common foe. He will be both writing and drawing the title with Matt Hawkins serving as the title’s editor.

Yeah, like Batman and the Joker working together is going to end well.

Word is Silvestri has been toiling away on this book since 2014, and every so often would post a peek at the work in progress on his Twitter feed with the hashtag #SecretProject.

Looks like we now know what exactly that secret project is all about.

At this point, neither DC nor Silvestri have made any comments about a release date or even if the book will arrive in stores this year. But given Silvestri’s track record, it would be smart to simply wait until it is finished and then be able to release it without any delays or problems.

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As soon as more information about this book becomes available, you can real all about it right here on Bam Smack Pow.