Dragon Ball Super episode 98 synopsis: “Universal Survival Saga: Survive! The Curtain Finally Opens on the ‘Tournament of Power’!!”


Dragon Ball Super’s Episode 98 synopsis teases a big problem for Universe 7 and an epic Goku fight sequence.

The Tournament of Power is finally about to begin in Dragon Ball Super. The tournament focuses on eight out of the twelve existing universes. Each universe has selected ten of their best warriors to be on their team. They will compete in a “Battle Royale” style match-up and the losing universes will be eliminated by the Omni-Kings.

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If we remember, this tournament was all because of Goku. After the exhibition match against Universe 6, Goku asked the Omni-King for another tournament, which ended up being the Tournament of Power. The twist is that the existence of the universes is on the line. So, you can imagine that each universe blames Universe 7 for this tournament.

Well, it appears each universe still hasn’t forgiven Universe 7. Thanks to Twitter user @Herms98‘s translation, we have Episode 98’s synopsis:

"Immediately in a tight spot?! Universe 7 is fenced in! Right as the “Tournament of Power” begins, the Universe 7 team is hit by a concentrated attack from the other universes! Can they escape from this early tight spot…?!"

We can see that the odds are definitely stacked against Universe 7. In the buildup for the tournament, the main question was “Will Universe 7 be able to get along?” We are going to find out sooner rather than later.

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One competitor who will specifically have some trouble is Goku. Since he was the one who suggested this tournament, we can imagine the target is on his back. The synopsis adds that Goku will have some trouble to deal with:

"Goku This Week: fighting 1-on-8! Cut off from his allies, Goku is surrounded by eight tough opponents from other universes. But even in this situation, Goku smiles calmly?! The fight quickly heats up!"

Knowing Goku’s personality, he would be thriving in this situation. We can see that the Tournament of Power will be starting off with a bang. What else is in store for the tournament? Only time will tell.

Dragon Ball Super airs on Crunchyroll Saturdays at 7:15 p.m. CST.