Dragon Ball Super: Will Goku get a new form?


Dragon Ball Super producer Hiroyuki Sakurada teases a new form for Goku in the Universal Survival saga.

Dragon Ball Super has already had some impactful moments in the Dragon Ball storyline. Perhaps the most significant moment has been Goku (and Vegeta) transforming into their respective Super Saiyan Blue forms. The first saga focused on the Super Saiyan God form, and Goku successfully transformed into that form when he fought Beerus.

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Since then, he fought to retain the form, eventually creating the Super Saiyan Blue form. We are now in the fifth saga of Dragon Ball Super, which means that the Super Saiyan Blue form has been in play for four sagas now — some believe that it may be time to change things up.

Many fans speculate that this may come to fruition. Fans believe Goku may have another form in him. This idea began when the new poster for the “Universal Survival” saga was released.

Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

The poster shows the back of a battle-tested Goku. There is a hint of red Ki surrounding him (same color as the Super Saiyan Rose form) and his hair color is jet black. Fans believe this could be Goku perfecting the Super Saiyan Blue form and evolving to Super Saiyan God form.

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The rumor has recently received more attention after producer Hiroyuki Sakurada released a statement about Dragon Ball Supers new key visual for the “Universal Survival” saga:

"The curtain finally rises on the Tournament of Power, where the strongest warriors in the history of Dragon Ball Super are gathering! The new key visual for the Tournament of Power is finally finished! It depicts Goku as he tries to break new ground in order to face off against the mightiest of foes in the midst of the fierce battle that is the Tournament of Power! What sort of formidable foes are in store?! How will Goku battle them? And what new ground will he break?! Don’t miss Dragon Ball Super as the hype ramps up for the unprecedented battle that will unfold at the Tournament of Power!!"

What caught a lot of fans’ eyes was Goku breaking new ground. Many fans feel this indicates Goku will reach a new form in this saga. However, it is worth noting that there is no confirmation at this moment. With the saga featuring so many epic moments, a new form for Goku doesn’t seem far off.