Dragon Ball Super episode 99 synopsis: “Universal Survival Saga: Krillin’s Hidden Strength!!”


Dragon Ball Super’s Episode 99 synopsis teases a big incident in the Tournament of Power and a strong Krillin performance.

The Tournament of Power has finally begun in Dragon Ball Super. The “Universal Survival” saga focuses on the tournament which pits eight out of the twelve existing universes against each other. Each universe has selected ten warriors to participate in a “Battle Royale” style match-up. The losing teams will be eliminated by the Omni-Kings.

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Now that the tournament has begun, you can imagine that each team is not holding back. As soon as the teams were given the “go,” the majority of competitors charged at each other. Carnage spread across the fighting stage as fighters came out strong. We have already seen two eliminations in Episode 97, so teams are getting down to business.

However, one universe’s hearts may indeed be broken in Episode 99 of Dragon Ball Super. Thanks to the translations of Twitter user @Herms98, we learn that we will see the aftermath of a big incident.

WARNING: Major Spoilers Ahead.

"The annihilation of Universe 9 shows Goku and the gang just how harsh the Tournament of Power is! In the midst of a stalemate, Goku and Vegeta get the fight started again!! Meanwhile, No.18 is in a tight spot as she battles Universe 4’s warrior Shousa. Her husband Krillen flies to her rescue and…?!"

This implies the first casualty of the tournament — and it may be a big one. Universe 9 has been a formidable foe to Universe 7 in the past. So their elimination comes as a big shock to not only us, but the competitors as well. We can only imagine that a major incident like this would create shockwaves throughout the tournament.

As for Krillin, it was teased earlier in the saga that he had been training. Perhaps this episode may showcase just how strong Krillin has gotten. We know that fighting for loved ones only makes you stronger. So this could be Krillin’s defining motivation.

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The synopsis also teases more back and forth banter between Beerus and Champa:

"The gods watch the progress of the battle from the benches! While feeling antagonistic towards Universe 6’s God of Destruction Champa, Universe 7’s God of Destruction Beerus gives his contestants advice!!"

Since Beerus and Champa are brothers, we can only expect more banter and competition between the two. With such serious stakes, the competition will only heat up more. How will the competitors fare? Only time will tell.