New Art Adams Fantastic Four commission will make you weep


Legendary artist Art Adams has released an image of a new Fantastic Four commission he just finished, and it is all the awesome.

Some of you younger readers may not be overly familiar with the name or work of Art Adams. It has been forever since he worked on anything close to an ongoing series, instead almost exclusivly doing covers.

But for those of us who are a bit older, we have very fond memories of seeing Adams’ amazing work on the inside of comic books as well as the cover. Breaking into comics with the Longshot miniseries in 1985, Adams would go on to have a long association with the X-Men family of books just as the line hit new heights of popularity.

One of his best books and one that is in my top five favorite comics of all time is New Mutants Special Edition #1, a 64-page special that saw the junior X-Men team head to Asgard. It is a tour de force of his work and belongs in everyone’s collection.

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Over the years, Adams has worked on almost every hero published by both DC and Marvel. He worked on the now classic Batman #400 in addition to The Authority, the Fantastic Four and his creator owned title Monkeyman and O’Brien.

In addition to his cover work, Adams also does commissions, and I have long dreamed of being able to afford one to hang on my wall. Nothing would make me happier to have a Douglock commission to call my own.

Part of the reason Adams has proven so popular for so long is thanks to the amazing detail he uses in his art. There are few artists who bring the level of sheer prowess to their work like Adams does, and it can be seen in every piece he works on.

But nothing will prepare you for what Adams has accomplished in his latest work.

Joyce Chin, Adams’ wife, recently tweeted out a picture of a commission he had just finished featuring the Fantastic Four. It is a reimagining of the cover to Fantastic Four #100 and it will take your breath away.

And for those who may want to take a closer look.

Oh. My. God.

Seriously, I could stare at that for hours and still not be able to take it all in. Can you imagine being the owner of that incredibly piece of art? You have to wonder what that cost, because no matter what the cost was, it was worth every penny.

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Adams’ work can currently be seen gracing the covers of X-Men: Blue for Marvel Comics.