Dragon Ball Super episode 100 synopsis: “Universal Survival Saga: Rampage! The Berserker Awakens!!”


Dragon Ball Super’s Episode 100 synopsis teases the re-emergence of the Legendary Super Saiyan form. Will Caulifla transform into the Super Saiyan Blue form?

The Tournament of Power is now underway in Dragon Ball Super and things are certainly beginning to heat up. The tournament focuses on eight out of the twelve existing universes. Each universe has selected ten of their strongest competitors. These competitors are now competing in a “Battle Royale” style match, and the losing teams will be eliminated by the Omni-Kings.

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We recently saw the reality behind the tournament. While it is all fun and games with the fights, the ultimate factor behind the tournament is that the competitors are fighting for their lives. This idea only set in more when Universe 9 was eliminated by the Omni-Kings.

We now look ahead at Dragon Ball Super Episode 100. Thanks to Twitter user, @Herms98, we have a translated episode synopsis. Things certainly won’t be getting any easier for Universe 7:

WARNING: Spoilers for Episode 99 and 100 Ahead

"Kale awakens?! The Tournament of Power gets thrown into chaos!!With Krillin disqualified, Goku and the gang are now down to only nine people! Meanwhile something strange is happening to the body of Caulifla’s protégé, the Universe 6 warrior Kale?!"

One thing this confirms is how Episode 99 will conclude. Krillin will be disqualified which would certainly throw a wrench into Universe 7’s plan. With their strategy revolving around teamwork, losing one member is certainly a big loss.

The synopsis also teases the re-introduction of the Legendary Super Saiyan form. Ever since the release of the first “Universal Survival” saga trailer, fans have been eager to see the “female Broly” in action. Our wishes will be answered, as it appears she’ll be let loose in this episode.

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As for the reason why the transformation occurs, it may become clearer with this addition to the synopsis:

"Caulifla This Week: Learning the method for transforming into Super Saiyan Blue?!The Super Saiyan Caulifla witnesses firsthand the power of Blue! Moved by its strength, she asks her enemy Goku to teach her how to transform into it, but…?!"

We’ve learned from previous episodes that Kale tends to get jealous when seeing Caulfila interact with others. This could be the cause of the epic transformation. As for Caulfila turning Super Saiyan Blue, we know this certainly isn’t an easy task. While it was easy for Caulfila to achieve the Super Saiyan form, Super Saiyan Blue is a completely different task. Will she manage to attain the form? We will soon find out.