Image Comics announces Maestros by Steve Skroce


Writer/artist Steve Skroce is returning to comic shops everywhere with his brand new creator-owned Image series Maestros.

There are some comic book creators that when they announce a new project, it is a day of celebration for lovers of good comics everywhere.

I know that whenever a new issue of Adrian Tomine’s Optic Nerve arrives at my local comic shop, I practically squeal with joy. The book only comes out once a year (if your lucky) and a new issue is like sighting a unicorn in the streets of your hometown.

Another such creator is Steve Skroce.

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Skroce used to regularly contribute to a number of different Marvel titles, including runs on Amazing Spider-Man, Cable, Gambit as well as a handful of issues of Youngblood with Alan Moore. The he left the world of comics to do storyboards for the Matrix Trilogy and work with the Wachowskis. He has since only returned to comics rarely, most recently working with Brian K. Vaughan on the creator-owned series We Stand on Guard in 2015 for Image.

And now fans have cause to celebrate once again as Image has announced Skroce is returning to comics for a new series he is both writing and drawing titled Maestros.

Maestros is combines fantasy, action and a healthy does of comedy to bring readers something completely new. The Image solicitation reads:

"The Maestro and his entire royal family have been murdered. Now, his banished son from Earth will inherit the Wizard King’s throne along with a spell that turns its user into GOD. With enemies everywhere, will this Orlando-born millennial be able to keep his new magic kingdom?"

Cover of Maestros #1. (Photo credit: Steve Skroce/Image Comics)

Skroce sounds like he has found a concept that hits all the right notes, mashing up everything he enjoys into one gloriously different book.

"“MAESTROS is a finely seasoned stew of everything I love about the fantasy and action adventure genres. I tried to create a universe where all my beloved magical characters and settings might exist together, side by side. The protagonist, Willy Little, isn’t a chosen one; he’s granted ultimate power through blind luck—but can a nice guy stay nice when no one ever says ‘no’ to him again?”"

There has never been any question that Skroce is one hell of an artist. His sense of design and way he tells a story visually are always a treat whenever he works in comics. But to the surprise of many, his writing is also very good and entertaining. His all too brief run on Wolverine was incredibly fun and to this day is still remembered fondly by fans.

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Now we all get to see Skroce really cut loose on a concept that he owns and sounds incredibly excited to be working on.

I for one cannot wait.

Maestros goes on sale in comic shops and digitally on October 18 published by Image Comics.